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                  SEPTEMBER 2022

             COVER STORY
         12  CUSTOMER IS KING
             What keeps the construction equipment
             companies in good books of their customers?
             It’s definitely an impeccable Customer Service
             that is backed by technology and innovative
             solutions. While leading construction equipment
             manufacturers have been paying greater
             attention to the design, sustainability & efficiency
             quotient of their products, lately the global giants
             have started the trend of adopting the ‘Customer
             First Approach’, wherein they offer one-of-a-kind
             solutions for timely upkeep of their equipment,
             which are technology driven, seamless and
             highly convenient. Closer home, we have been
             witnessing winds of change with companies
             such as Mahindra & Mahindra, CASE, Caterpillar,
             leading the baton of Customer Centricity.

          24  V. G. Sakthikumar,
             Managing Director,
             Schwing Stetter India

          28  Dheeraj Panda,
             Chief Operating Officer (Sales,
             Marketing & Customer Support)                    EQUIPMENTSPHERE
             Sany Heavy Industry India                        CASE – A NAME YOU CAN TRUST
                                                              For over 30 years, CASE India has been offering world class
                                                              quality machines for national as well as international markets.
          32  ELEMATIC INDIA  -

             Elematic SEMI / KVT Line - Precast Wall

                   Wall panel finishing &            Compaction with
                 Storing                             Multifunction wagon
                  Table cleaning and                 Casting with Comskip
                oiling                                        INTERACTION:
                   Demolding & Tilting               Shuttering with FaMe
                                                          38  Alok Jha,
                Curing                               Batching & Mixing
                                                              Director - Sales & Marketing, India & SAARC,
                                                              Case Construction Equipment

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