11 July 2020

Report-KYB Conmat

KYB Conmat Tora Batching Plant used for Nepal’s Dharahara Tower reconstruction, which is all set to rise from rubble


Dharahara (Nepali: /kjgjk), also called Bhimsen Tower, was a nine-storey, 61.88-metre-tall (203.0 ft) tower at the centre of Sundhara in Kathmandu. It was built in 1832 by Mukhtiyar (equivalent to

Prime Minister) Bhimsen Thapa under the commission of Queen Lalit Tripura Sundari and was a part of the architecture of Kathmandu recognized by UNESCO.



Project Description


Rising over the surrounding rooftops like a gleaming white candlestick, the Dharahara, or Bhimsen Tower, was crammed with sight-seers when the earthquake hit. More than a hundred people were killed when the tower collapsed, either crushed in the rubble or hit by falling debris. The government of Nepal has now announced that this Kathmandu landmark will rise again, adding to a growing list of monuments restored after the 2015 disaster. Over the coming months, a new Dharahara will rise beside the old tower - today, little more than a ruined plinth - funded by the Nepal Reconstruction Authority, the government body leading the reconstruction effort.

Although aesthetically similar to the old tower, the new tower will be built from modern materials using the latest earthquake-resistant technology, climbing 11 storeys above street level and topping out at 245 feet (75m), compared to 203 feet (62m) for the old tower. The ruined base of the original Dharahara will be preserved as a memorial to those killed in the disaster.


KYB-Conmat moves Concrete Worldwide


KYB’s stationary concrete batching plants are successfully deployed worldwide, whenever demand arises in infrastructure development where concrete is involved. Company’s presence is very strong in concrete road construction, metro rail construction, high rise construction, dam construction and many more crucial areas.

KYB-Conmat is proud to be associated with the most prestigious project of all time, which is also the pride of Nepal, Dharahara Tower. The Tora batching plant - 450is used for construction of Dharahara Tower, the project which is pride for Nepal Government. KYB-Conmat is very honoured for being considered to join hands with Nepal Reconstruction Authority for this prestigious project.

“It is a very international level project with beautiful architecture in and we are proud to be connected with this prestigious project. The Nepal reconstruction Authority team felt that this is challenging for them, so they were looking for a concrete partner who should be committed and can perform as per their expectation, we have multiple other machines also like concrete batching plant & transit mixer of KYB-Conmat working perfectly with no barriers and thus not only KYB-Conmat equipment will save the time and workforce, but also the capital cost overall” said Premraj Keshyep MD, KYB-Conmat Pvt. Ltd.

“KYB-Conmat products are the most reliable and also the best service provider, they are also versatile & robust. With a backup of good after sales service and easy availability of spare parts, it did make sense for us to use KYB-Conmat machines for the construction of most historic monument in the world” – said  Raman Mahato, Project Director, Raman Construction.


About KYB-Conmat


KYB-CONMAT, a subsidiary of Multi-Billion Dollar KYB Corporation of Japan, is a trusted name and market leader in Concrete Equipment Industry. Its state of the art manufacturing and R&D facility in Vadodara, Gujarat.

KYB Conmat India has been making and creating industry-driving things since its inception. Conmat Group of Industries was started in 2002 by its founder  Premraj Keshyep, from a small 200 Sq. Ft rented space to manufacture material handling systems, and diversified into Concrete Construction Equipment in 2009 at Vadodara. The moment of glory came with equity partnership from the Global giant KYB Corporation of Japan in 2012. Today the group has 70 manufacturing locations in 34 countries, having annual turnover of over 21000 crores and employing over 12500 professionals. The company has set up a state of the Art R&D and manufacturing facilities in Vadodara, Gujarat, which spreads over 5, 00,000 Sq.Ft. to produce technologically advanced yet economically viable equipment.

For more details visit: www.conmatindia.com

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