03 June 2020

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Spotlight-Rossi Gearmotors

Geared for excellence


Rossi offers high quality drive solutions for the toughest environment


A 62 year old European company in the field of gearboxes and gear motors with speciality in medium and heavy duty applications for industries like Steel, Waste Treatment, Construction, Mining and Bulk Material Handling among others, Rossi has a full range of standard and Tailored products like large industrial gearboxes of up to 710,000 Nm torque and planetary drives till 3,000,000 Nm torque for heavy duty applications. Rossi is present worldwide with 12 assembly facilities and in Europe with four manufacturing plants. A global quality leader with focus on tougher applications, Rossi leads the race of quality suppliers from Europe. It is not for nothing that customers appreciate its product quality and endorse Rossi performance through appreciation certificates and letters and above all, repeat orders. This product quality and technical confidence translates to 3 years extended warranty offering to the customers worldwide.





Rossi worldwide offers the following product range: 


Gearbox and Gearmotors: Worm & Standardfit worm, Coaxial & Standardfit coaxial, Parallel and Bevel-helical, Planetary (coaxial and right angle configuration)


Motion control: Worm, coaxial, parallel and right angle shaft servo gear units, Low backlash planetary servo gear units                                                  


Motors: Asynchronous three-phase high efficiency and premium efficiency motors, Standard and high efficiency brake motors, Heavy duty roller table motors. 


Segment Specific Solutions: Extruders, Mill drives, Wagon Tippler drives, Combined gear reducer, Heavy duty Drive units on swing base, Stacker drives for travel and Slewing, Conveyors, Wind drives for Pitch and Yaw drives, HyCLEAN solution (food and beverage, chemical), Heavy duty roller table motors for Steel.





The company delivers a wide range of complete solutions for most demanding applications and industrial sectors with the following benefits:

  • One of the widest torque range under one roof
  • Web based selection and customer service tools
  • Up to 3 year warranty
  • Longer bearing life
  • Higher thermal capability products
  • Higher power-to-weigh-ratio
  • Higher shock loading capacity
  • Life time lubricated products
  • International Warranty
  • Standard and Customized solutions
  • Quick delivery
  • Optimized design
  • Increased operational safety
  • Lower Downtime
  • Worldwide product and service support



Rossi Gearmotors (India) Pvt Ltd set up its assembly unit in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu in October 2008. Supported by the Group’s knowledge, the India subsidiary develops business for the most demanding application. It is specialist in heavy duty industries such as metal, cement, mining, plastic, construction, crane sectors, and conveyers. On the material handling side the company produces drives for conveyor systems, industrial elevators, cranes and hoists, automatic storage system, unit handling, positioning and indexing, packaging and sorting systems and robots. Today the subsidiary produces assemblies like Worm, Coaxial, Parallel and bevel helical gear reducers and gear motors, Planetary units, suitable for the Indian market. The production capacity has doubled every year since 2010 reaching about 15,000 locally assembled pieces.


Rossi offers technology and high quality solution even in the toughest environment as per customer or industry needs. Products alone are not everything. Service, customised solution, high customer orientation are essential part of the Rossi package. The company boasts of being close to all its customers in all five continents, with a direct sale network granting excellence in service. A highly skilled team specialising in different fields provide customers with the right support to find the best solution suitable for their demands. Integrity, ethical behaviour, imagination and knowledge based innovation; good teamwork and above all customer focus are seen as major factors contributing to the company’s success. A well-organised after-sales service providing problem solving in the quickest possible way allows customers to have 24/7 access to all the documentations concerning Rossi supplies, news and order tracking in real time. Rossi 3D models and drawings can easily be accessed online via Rossi website which allows customers to receive CAD 3D models of Rossi’s main products.


Rossi is a reliable company with the right flexibility and know-how to respond to all market requests, all over the world, in all application fields, without leaving aside its commitment for the environment and value on human safety, to protect everyone’s future.


For more details contact:

Email: info.india@rossi-group.com

Website: www.rossi-group.com

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