26 May 2020

Table of Contents for Equipment Sphere-Bulk Material Handling Systems

Interaction-PL Muthusekkar, MD, Nord Drivesystems

Innovative and quality drive solutions from Nord have set very high standards

Nord Drivesystems Pvt. Ltd. (NDPL), the 100 per cent India subsidiary of Getriebebau Nord, a global leader in drive systems was established in the year 2005 at Hinjewadi, Pune to service customers in India locally and in the SAARC countries. The company’s client spread includes almost every industry such as steel and metals, infrastructure, cement, packaging, airports, pharma, chemical, pumps, effluent treatment, material handling, robotics, cranes, automobile, dairy, beverage, packaged food, agriculture, and many more. PL MUTHUSEKKAR, MANAGING DIRECTOR, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries on his company’s contribution to the bulk material handling systems sector.


Briefly give us an overview of the bulk material handling equipment industry, the technology trends, and the current business drivers?

In simple language the purpose of bulk material handling equipment is conveying, feeding, elevating and mixing. It is used to transport material from one of several locations to an ultimate destination or to process material such as ore in concentrating and smelting or handling materials. Providing storage and inventory control and possibly material blending is also a part of a bulk material handling system. In ports, gantry cranes are used to handle large quantities of bulk materials. Bulk material handling systems are typically composed of stationary machinery such as conveyor belts, screw conveyors, tubular drag conveyors, moving floors, top loaders, stackers, reclaimers, bucket elevators etc. , combined with storage facilities such as stockyards, storage silos or stockpiles. Protection of personnel, equipment and environment are issues that are themselves important in bulk material handling systems, but also affect operations and productivity. Conveyors can create a lot of dust, cause spillage, and intensify noise. With a variety of well thought-out products, these areas should be addressed to drive the business. Trouble-free operation will increase productivity and performance and a well maintained machine will reduce the risk of accidents. Constant technology improvements will ensure the most knowledgeable and applicable upgrades or resolutions to aid business advantage. Our Unicase design and the oil seals, bearings circlips, and the paint we use are carefully chosen to meet the requirements even in tough working conditions.



Tell us about your company’s contribution to the bulk materials handling industry in terms of products and solutions offered? What are the special features of your main product lines?

Nord provides solutions which are perfectly suitable even in the harsh environment and which are specially energy efficient. For short and long distance conveyor systems, mill and rotary kiln drives, as well as silo operation, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides the very latest, energy-efficient drive solutions.

Nord industrial gear units can master any challenge. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS plans and delivers reliable, low maintenance drive components for the entire drive chain, including electric motors, motor rockers, couplings, brakes, back stops and Taconite seals as well as heating and/or cooling.

High quality products, innovative technology and world-wide presence guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction and our toll-free telephone handled by our own engineers support the customers at need.



Could you provide details of your manufacturing units, their current capacities, your main markets, key projects supported by your products and investments?

We have a full-fledged assembly unit in Hinjewadi, Pune with a production capacity of 24000 units per year. All the parts are imported from our manufacturing units globally. We have sales and service offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Jamshedpur, Ahmedabad and Vadodara. In addition to this, we have a strong dealer network across the country and in neighboring countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. We cater to almost all sectors such as bulk material handling, steel, chemical and pharmacy, food and beverages, water treatment, pumps, cement, power, solar and airport.

We provide an entire spectrum of mechanical, electrical and electronic drive technology from a single source - from energy-efficient motors and low-loss gear units to centralised and decentralised control technology. Recently we have invested close to 1 million Euros with the expansion of our Pune facility for exclusive service setup and improve stocking for better delivery performance.



Please talk of your emphasis on manufacturing technology, research and design and innovation?

Since the company was founded, it has set high standards with its innovative and quality drive solutions. Nord is constantly improving and expanding its products to meet a never ending variety of industrial challenges. We continually invest in the most modern production systems to ensure the high quality standards that we have set for ourselves. You can rely on our high quality product which is thoroughly checked and practical functionality and operational reliability. Being a privately held company, Nord continues to invest and plough back the money in equipment and facility expansions. This increase in capacity allows for continued growth. In the early 1980s, Nord engineers developed one of the most important innovation in gearbox construction: the UNICASE housing. The UNICASE housing is a one-piece housing that supports all transmission components. The benefits of this design are leak-free sealing, greater operational reliability, low noise, higher output torque, high overhung and thrust capacity, longer maintenance intervals and longer gearbox life. The UNICASE housing quickly established itself on the market and today it is still the industry standard. Our product portfolio is extensive and continuously evolving in order to meet the needs of today's fast-changing markets. Nord is your partner in motion. It does far more than manufacture the world's finest drive components. We provide our customers with optimum drive configurations for their specific needs, providing each and every one with truly complete and efficient systems at a quality ratio unmatched in today's competitive markets.



What are the main challenges to your industry and what are your strategies to expand market share?

For us in the Indian market, one of the major challenges is to benchmark ourselves for pricing. We are finding it difficult to reduce price keeping all the standards of German norms and quality since we have to import most of the product parts from Europe with all kind of import duties. To survive we are continuously upgrading ourselves, offering more features and by optimisation of pricing. Localisation is another area of focus for us.



What are the main projects to which you have contributed bulk material handling solutions?

Not only in India but we have supported many projects across the globe. To name few the IECS Company in the South of France, specialising in the manufacture, assembly and maintenance of quarry and sand pits equipments has chosen NORD gear motors to power the new aggregates production unit of the Pradier Group. Holcim, one of the largest producers of construction material worldwide, relies on drive technology from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS for most of their projects. ZotterSchokoladen’s factory in Southeast Austria has been using geared motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS for conveying, mixing and pumping tasks. Based in Wallern in Austria, ArnreiterMühle is using geared motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS to drive the belt and bucket elevators that transport the materials from there silos. In India we are associated with companies like Metso, ThyssenKrupp, Sandvik, Demag, ElectroMech and many others to support various projects.



What is your outlook for the future?

We have earned our reputation by always supplying highly efficient and long-life products, reliable systems and excellent support services.

Our vision is to become No. 1 brand in DriveTechnology as a total solution provider to improve the overall system efficiency, by growing together with our customer. Also, we are committed to making our solutions ever more efficient. Product quality and a strong partnership with Germany, of course, will remain our greatest strength in a competitive market.

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