Saturday, October 31, 2020

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Hansgrohe is the premium brand for bathroom and kitchen fixtures, showers and shower systems. Hansgrohe’s Rainmaker Select 460 overhead showers with their smooth surfaces and slender chrome rims offer a choice of three spray modes for individualised shower pleasure. The generous and powerful rain spray envelops the entire body with water; the individual jets of the RainStream mode pamper with an invigorating massage, and the strong and concentrated jet of the Mono spray mode invites you to relax. In spite of their generous dimensions, Rainmaker Select showerheads are understated and blend into ceiling and bathroom designs. Hansgrohe Rainmaker Select models are easy to clean. For the first time, the entire showerhead can be conveniently detached and, if desired, the spray face removed from the showerhead for deeper cleaning.


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Berger Paints has recently introduced its latest innovative offering BergerExpress Painting, an initiative to upgrade the painting process with the use of automatic painting machines making it Faster, Cleaner and Better. Among the tools on offer is the Sander which comes with an in-built vacuum suction system which draws the dust into a bag thereby keeping the surroundings dust-free and the Auto-Roller pumps which paint directly from the bucket to a roller for application on the wall minimising paint spillage during painting, thus making it a cleaner painting process. This mechanisation of the painting process also speeds up the surface preparation and painting process, ensuring that the painting job is completed in about half the time as compared to manual processes. The mechanised painting process delivers better surface preparation and a uniform finish. All of this is done at the same cost of conventional painting.


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