10 July 2020

Company Profile-Simem

Eagle series


Simem recenty used the Excon platform to launch unique series of Concrete Batching Plants for the first time in the country


A pioneer in introducing the latest technology worldwide in concrete batching, Simem has been left its mark in India for more than 17 years. After the tremendous success of its Jumper series of compact plants without foundations, the company recently introduced the next generation “Eagle” series of inline concrete batching plants without fixed foundations.



ADVANTAGES: The Eagle series of plants can be mounted on a skid and do not require any foundation thus totally eliminating the costs. The plant can be shifted from one site to another along with the skids and fabricated foundations or precast foundation slabs and in the process ensuring that the skid can be used several times over.



RELIABILITY: The excellent reliability of eagle plants is further ensured by a careful selection of sub suppliers for pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical components, as well as drives and belts. This results in a very solid and reliable product trusted by ready mix producers and contractors for large scale projects like dams, airports, tunnels etc. As evidence d from such projects the EAGLE series is not only designed to be the optimal solution it has been tested and proven worldwide. After its worldwide success the company has now introduced these plants in India on the strength of the fact that Indian customers are very keen to adopt newer technologies for enhanced production and optimum utilisation of their resources.


Eagle is a semi mobile batching and mixing plant, with 4 to 6 horizontal bins, pre-wired and pre-plumbed sub-assemblies, which can be moved from site to site with standard trucks or stored into containers.


The Eagle plants can be supplied with the “Standard” or the “Nexus” line of aggregate storage and dosing devices.



‘STANDARD’ AGGREGATES DEVICES: It comes in version of 4 or 5 or 6 aggregates and can have a storage capacity of 65m3 to 160m3. The structure is suitable to be shipped on standard 40’ trailers. These are suitable for Model Eagle 2000-2500.





This is a bolt together structure which can be modified at any time in regards to the number of aggregates and storage capacity. Models 4000, 5000 and 7000 are available in MASTER version with aggregates group equipped with compartments 3,8 mts wide for an easy loading by dumper or HD wheel loader.




MSO MIXERS: These are available with different capacities from 1 m3 to 9 m3 of concrete output and different versions, are suitable for standard WET & SCC concrete, RCC concrete, MASS concrete (with large aggregates). The special features of SIMEM MSO mixers are the strongest available design in today’s market, easy maintenance and the superior quality and hardness of the wear parts (liners, paddles). Their combination gives lowest maintenance cost per m3 of concrete produced.



AGGREGATE TRANSFER: The biggest advantage of this series of plant is that the aggregate bins are inline compared to compartments and the aggregates are transferred by a high performance belt conveyor in place of skips. This avoids all the maintenance issues that are associated with the skip assembly including breakage of wire ropes, damage of weighing system in case of skip weighing plants, compulsory change of wire ropes after a fixed time or production of concrete. The belt conveyor has performed beyond doubt as the most user friendly and low maintenance alternative to skip. This has been proved in the Jumper series of plants where the maintenance costs have come down drastically compared to any available plant in the market. This has also made the plant more reliable with increased availability due to reduced down time.



AUTOMATION: SIMEM@TIC is an user friendly automation program which with a PC interface, displays all the essential information about the plant for full operations control (loading, weighing, recipes, discharge, production lists, pending orders…) in realtime. The reporting can be customised to fields required viz. customer name, site addresses, mix design, truck number, driver name and so on.



EASY TRANSPORT AND ASSEMBLY; All Eagle Plants have subassemblies that are pre-wired and pre-plumbed and can be moved from site to site with standard trucks or stored into containers. Further, the Eagle series of plants come in a wide range of production capacities from 60m3 to 180m3 per hour.


The other main features are:

  • Transportable on standard trucks or containers
  • Inline configuration to avoid aggregate loading conveyors.
  • Loading of aggregates by belt (NO SKIP)
  • Production range from 60 to 180 m3/h
  • Aggregate capacity from 65 to 260 m3
  • Precast foundations – Steel foundations also available as option.
  • It comes with the reliability and quality assured by “SIMEM”

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