10 July 2020

Interview- Dr Oliver Eyrisch (Evonik Industries)

We see huge scope of business in India

Established in 2007, Evonik is a globally renowned name in the specialty chemicals industry. The German major, known for its innovative products, brought to India its globally renowned brand DYNAVIS® at Excon 2015. 
DR OLIVER EYRISCH, DIRECTOR, GLOBAL MARKETING & BRANDING OIL ADDITIVES, EVONIK INDUSTRIES spoke to VEENA KURUP about the new product and the strategies identified by the company to strengthen its Indian footprint.


On Excon as a vehicle to raise business volumes: We see Excon as a positive business platform to interact with our clients, identify new customers and showcase our innovative products among our target segments in India. In the current edition, we launched our DYNAVIS® brand in India. DYNAVIS® is a technology formulated into hydraulic fluids which optimises their viscosity. Fluids with more stable viscosity ensure greater efficiency and less energy consumption – whether in hydraulic excavators, screening plants, dump trucks, or injection molding machines. The India market is mostly using conventional monograde hydraulic fluids which needs to be updated and refined. The technology is already being used in Europe and the Americas. We are seeing huge scope of business in these areas.


On the opportunities from the India market: We are seeing huge opportunities from the emerging markets like India, wherein the standard of living is on a constant rise. This has resulted in an increased demand for high-quality products in such regions. Evonik sees this as an ideal opportunity to expand its presence in such growth markets. India has always been a market of high interest for us. The customers here are still mostly dependent on conventional hydraulic fluids. Hence, the industry as a whole is in a dire need of more productive solutions. Fuel efficiency, increased productivity and minimal emission are few among the key demand driving determinants today. Evonik through its new DYNAVIS® range aims to address suchrequirements. Our solutions can contribute to achieving savings on fuel consumption and assures increased productivity of the hydraulic system. Thanks to our supreme technical know-how, we recently signed a licensing agreement with energy major Indian Oil Corporation. We hope to bring in a positive change in the Indian market.


On the product’s unique selling propositions: Evonik might be the only additive supplier who is offering fuel economic solutions for hydraulic fluids. A key differentiator in our service is that we don’t just serve only our customers but also oil consumers. Today, we cater to an entire value chain of customers like equipment manufacturers, firms involved in after market services, fleet owners and even mining operators. Apart from our product solutions we also offer our customers with customised case studies and assist them with  field validations in regards to the respective application area and the product required. Hydraulic fluids following the DYNAVIS®performance standard control the viscosity in the pump ≈ over a broad temperature range. So they save energy, enhance performance and protect the equipment. This produces a noticeable and measurable improvement in the efficiency of any hydraulics system – a simple change of the hydraulic fluid is all it takes. This is evident in the reduced energy consumption and greater temperature stability in mobile equipment such as construction machinery, also in improved cold starts and significantly higher efficiency at maximum load. Furthermore, using a fluid formulated with DYNAVIS® technology results in less internal leakage and the hydraulic fluid system retains its efficiency, even at high temperatures. At the other end of the temperature scale, in extreme cold, conventional oils become increasingly viscous and more and more difficult to pump. As a result, the hydraulic system consumes more energy, primarily through its pump drive. Here too, fluids formulated with DYNAVIS® technology improve the mechanical efficiency of the hydraulic circuit.


DYNAVIS® technology allows hydraulic fluids to be formulated into perfectly tailored solutions to meet particular usage requirements. The use of fluids formulated with DYNAVIS® technology pays for itself in just a short time, most notably in extremely demanding applications, while also ensuring higher returns with lower energy consumption. Simply changing the hydraulic fluid to one formulated with DYNAVIS® technology allows any hydraulically powered machine to operate more efficiently, dynamically, and accurately.


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