05 June 2020

Interview- HS Bhattacharjya (QCEL)

Our aim is to position Quippo as an equipment solution provider company


Regarded among the pioneers in Equipment Renting and Banking Services in the organized sector, Quippo Construction Equipment Ltd. offers holistic equipment solutions with technically competent manpower services. HS BHATTACHARJYA, MD, QCEL, spoke to VEENA KURUP about the company’s new marketing models and growth agenda on varied verticals.


Excon as a business platform:  Excon is one of the vital business exhibition platforms for the construction equipment industry. We have always benefited  through our participation in Excon.  Excon 2015  has also given us good exposure in terms of customer visits and generating inquiries. Considering the positive market sentiments we received during the show, we expect the industry to pick up and gradually grow in the coming years.


New operational concepts and technologies:We have planned to expand our footprint into new growth zones and have been offering our rental solutions to ports, mines and other infra sectors. We want to further strengthen our presence in these sectors. As a part of marketing strategy, we will be backing up our presence and offering solutions through web based portals/ systems. On the technical front, our machines are now fitted with GPS trackers which will enable users in identifying the exact location, operational time etc. for better monitoring of activities at site. These machines are now monitored and controlled through remote sensing devices.


wOn the company’s performance and growth tactics: We have been successful in sailing through the rough market conditions. Even in 2015, we had a stable business and posted a steady growth.  But due to the challenging market condition and volatility in the economy we could not achieve the desired growth as projected. To sustain these uncertainties Quippo has focused on being more market centric. We function as per the demand pull in the market and not the demand push scenario. Owing to our marketing strategies, Quippo is today one of the most preferred in the equipment rental entities. We look forth to retain and further strengthen our leadership position in the market. In the years to come, we will be expanding our footprints through our franchise partners too. Our aim is to position Quippo as an equipment solution provider company.


On the demand drivers for equipment rental business: The road sector has been a critical growth driver for our business in recent years. We are seeing a lot of investments being pulled into the sector and with the government’s ambitious plan to construct road networks at 30 km per day, the opportunities will only increase. Apart from this, we are also seeing increasing opportunities from construction, mining, telecom and ports segments. We are all well equipped to meet these demands and have marginally expanded our reach to meet such requirements. However, the demand for rental equipment industry is purely based on customer preferences and project size. Contractors still have a lukewarm approach towards the rental business. But, in the last few months the situation is gradually improving and we are seeing a slow but steady change in the market.


On market expectations and agenda for 2016: The construction equipment industry is already indicating promising signs of revival. Moreover, with the infrastructural activities picking up pace, we expect the industry to go up in terms of demand volumes. The situation holds immense potential for equipment rental players like us. We have positioned ourselves to utilize such opportunities and have already ramped up our operational parameters to increase efficiency and productivity. We are seeing immense scope of opportunities from the country’s eastern and north-eastern parts in the coming years. However, the industry still needs to be supported with some favourable governing policies. Implementation of GST is a much awaited move. We also aim to strengthen our global presence and have  further plans to  nourish our business  in  the Middle East and African markets.


We provide tailor-made solutions to the construction equipment rental market as per our customers requirement


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