10 July 2020

Interview- Jonas Nilsson (Volvo Penta)

Trade shows like Excon help us to understand market sentiments


JONAS NILSSON, VICE PRESIDENT & HEAD of VOLVO PENTA in INDIA has ambitions to position his company in the country as a market leader in the premium and imported engine category. Nilsson was gung ho about his company’s prospects in the country when he spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on the opening day of Excon 2015.


On Excon 2015 as a business platform and the product launch: Excon has always been a positive platform for us in regard to maintaining relationships with our new and existent customers. Our participation at last Excon has been also positive. Trade shows like Excon are also beneficial to understand and identify the respective market sentiments. This is also an ideal opportunity.  This Excon we launched our new D5 and D8 series engines. This new line of 5 and 8 liter engines are intended to meet growing demand in the Indian market and are certified for CEV Bharat Stage III emissions standards. They are already in the field, powering a variety of applications including construction, material handling, raw material exploration, forestry and agriculture around the world. 

Apart from this, we have also showcased our heavy duty engines, which is a very different platform. We are eagerly awaiting the market reactions and customer feedback on our latest product range, especially from our OEM customers.


On products meeting the requirements of the Indian market: Our aim is to always develop and deliver products as per customer requirements. Today, we have a wide variety of product offerings to suit the requirements of the Indian market. Moreover, all our offerings are in compliance with the latest emission standards. We look at India as a prospective business market. Prior to developing any product, we emphasise on a thorough understanding of the market and its requirements. We are offering products to numerous major clients in India, who are also appreciating us for our product quality and service.


On the company’s strategy to strengthen its footprint: We are presently supplying products to certain specified  segments in India like material handling, construction and the power gen. We will be continuing the focus to strengthen our business in these areas. However, we are open to explore new growth zones as per market requirements. The need for fuel efficient products is on a constant rise due to increasing energy consumption. We see immense scope of business from these areas as Volvo Penta’s offerings are fully fuel efficient. Also, our close customer relations have enabled us to develop and deliver products that can meet respective market dynamics. We are also capable of delivering products to customers who are seeking opportunities outside India.


On his company’s future outlook in the country: We are very optimistic on the opportunities from India. In this scenario, the market is only expected to look up, wherein the demand for cost efficient products will only rise. We are fully equipped to meet these market requirements. All these factors today indicate a positive sign of growth for the industry.



Our new series of engines are completely fuel efficient and meet the latest emission standards. The engine is incorporated with an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. This makes the engine burn cleanly, ensures total fuel efficiency and has increased productivity. The EGR system prevents the ingress of any exhaust acids into the combustion chamber. Our technical expertise has always supported us in delivering products with high performance, longer service life and good durability.



Volvo Penta’s new line of 5- and 8-liter engines share the same common electronics platform as their D11, D13, and D16 counterparts which allow them to communicate using the same protocol, regardless of emissions level — simplifying design work for OEMs. As a product of Volvo heritage, the D5 and D8 reduce fuel consumption by as much as 2.5 per cent compared with previous generation engines; they also offer excellent power density and higher torque at low speed.


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