10 July 2020

Interview- Wilfried Thiessen (Putzmeister Concrete Machines)

Our 3D hologram show was fabulous and always running housefull


Concrete and mortar pump giant Putzmeister is on a steady roll.  The company’s ‘Meet the Elephant’ marketing platform has become famous with visitors to construction equipment trade shows in terms of the surprise element it offers. At Excon 2015 in Bengaluru too Putzmeister threw up a mammoth marketing surprise.WILFRIED THIESSEN, MANAGING DIRECTOR, PUTZMEISTER CONCRETE MACHINES PVT LTD offered SHRIKANT RAO an understanding of his company’s unique strategy to push its products, and the road ahead



Pumping Agro 
Putzmeister India has invested more than Rs.100 crore at its 180.000 sq ft production facility at Verna in Goa. The company which has been at the forefront of developing advanced technologies and high quality services in India has recently launched a new batching plant, the MT–1.0 with unmatchable features. The batching plant with a capacity of 60 m3/h stands apart with respect to design and inbuilt features which have been exclusively adapted for the Indian market.



It is a remarkable feature, a gamble, that you entered the trade show without a single piece of Putzmeister equipment put out to display? What was the rationale for this experiment and how has it paid off for you?

I am glad you found it remarkable.  The basic idea this time was to show our achievements in terms of what we have done over a period of time with our equipment across the globe. Therefore we decided not to add machines but to only engage our customers with our achievements as seen by means of a 3D hologram show, a new technique so that they could have an idea what they could build with our equipment. This is the first time we have done it and is different.  The new formula has worked very well. At first people were astonished and then they said yes your right, why not, this is great.


Tell us how you have used Excon as a vehicle as to push Putzmeister?

We use exhibitions like Excon or the others mainly for networking, and to receive our customers, to explain to them our achievements, what is our plan for the future, what are the new products we have developed, how we can help them,  because we are not just selling machines we are selling service, applications, training etc. The feedback was very good. Yesterday we had over 1200 people on the stand and instead of having a 3D holographic show every half an hour we had to do it every 15 minutes because it was always full house. The response was fabulous. I think the crowd was better this year there were more people than two years ago, even though the show started disastrously because of the rains and infrastructure which was not fully ready.


What is your reading for India going forward? All the talking has been done by the government and the walking needs to be done?

Indeed the talking has been done. The goal posts have been repositioned many times. I would say it’s now or never. If nothing happens in the next 6 months I think there will be a lot of people who will be pretty angry about it. The government will have to do something.   The biggest problem is access to finance and the banks will have to release their credit lines.


What can we expect in the future?

I think there will be little growth next year perhaps up to 6 per cent as compared to 2015. I don’t think there will be more. I think 2017-18 will be better.  In 2018 we will be back on track again to the position we were in 2011.  


We launched the 30 cu.m and 60 cu.m batching plants during Excon for which we received good feedback

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