26 May 2020

Company Profile- Techno Machines

Mast climbers


Techno Machines is offering competitive solutions to transport men and materials safely to any point of elevation


Techno Machines has been associated with ALBA Macrel of Spain for their Mast Climbers, Rack and Pinion Hoists and High Technology Automatic Rebar Processing Machines for the Indian Market. Alba has a wide range in mast climbing work platforms (500 kg to 5000 kg) and passenger material hoists from 450 kg to 2000 kg with fully hot dip galvanised. To make the machines more competitive and affordable the company has indigenised mast and other fabrication parts in collaboration with the Spanish company.


Mast climbing work platform creates a “Work station in the Air" which is economical, efficient and safe.


What is a Mast Climbing Work Platform?
It is not a LIFT. It is not a HOIST. It is not a LADDER. Neither is it SCAFFOLDING …
It is a highly flexible, productive, profitable and a very safe way to get personnel and materials to any point on an elevation at the touch of a button. At present it is the ONLY competitive way to install masonry at height.

As is happening in other parts of the world, use of mast climbing work platforms and rack and pinion hoists is increasing day by day on Indian construction sites too. Building construction in India is increasingly going vertical in most cities. The mast climber is the cheapest and safest way to do the building facade work. Apart from effectiveness other factors like shortage of skilled workers, increased wages and growing concerns about safety has also enhanced the use of mast climbers.



  • Reduces access time by as much as 90 per cent
  • Reduces building ties by up to 80 per cent
  • Improves site security both during and after working hours
  • Flexible extension platforms to contour most buildings
  • Reduces contract times by as much as 40 per cent
  • Heights are no problem with some projects reaching over 250 m
  • High payloads from up to 5000 kg
  • Variable Platform width: With the use of extension the front edge of the platform can be extended to contour the face of the building.
  • Platform lengths can be variable from 2m up to 40m, providing an efficient working area.
  • Materials and other necessary equipment can be lifted on platform at the same time as the workers.
  • Quick and easy erection and dismantling.
  • Safe and ergonomic - always working at the optimal height with material and tools within easy reach.
  • Solid construction, cheap to maintain and easy to service..


Major applications for the mast climbing work platforms are new buildings, refurbishment, bridges, plastering and painting, aircraft maintenance, block laying, brick and masonry, chimney and stack repair, oil and storage tanks etc.


For more details contact:

Email: techno.machines@yahoo.com \ ravi@technomachines.org

Website: www.technomachines.org


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