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We are looking to strengthen our market position

India is currently among the most dynamically growing construction equipment markets in the world – the current annual growth rate is 30 per cent – which remains largely untapped. From 2014 to 2020 the Indian equipment market is estimated to grow six times to a size of $20-25 billion but currently faces slow growth as evident from the large number of road projects that are stalled, and also owing in large measure due to the decline of the Indian Rupee. Ramesh Palagiri, Managing Director and CEO, Wirtgen India responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries on his company’s plans to weather the slowdown in the road equipment sector.


How do you expect 2014 to pan out for Wirtgen India? Give us an idea of your plans to further bolster your product portfolio and expand your market share?


At  Wirtgen  India, we are  looking  to wards  strengthening   our  market position by  increasing  our  sales   and  service  network   and  also offering  new  products  to  the  market. We  are   also  introducing   innovative  technologies   to  Indian  market like cold   milling  and  recycling and   have  already  initiated  many  steps  in  this  direction the   results  of   which  are  seen  coming.


Tell us about your plans to expand your manufacturing   base in India?


We will start  producing  the  Kleemann  range  of  crushing  and  screening  plants   for  Indian  market  by   January  2015. We  have   also  launched  tandem  rollers  for  the  Indian  market, further  to our  first  Indian  product – soil compactors   and  would  shortly   also    start  producing   Vogele   pavers   for   the  local   market in  India.


From a construction equipment industry perspective what are your expectations from the new political dispensation that will come up post the elections?


Currently  the  road  equipment  sector  is experiencing  a  slowdown due to  a  number  of  road  projects  being  stalled or are  going  slow . Also  the  depreciation of  Indian   Rupee by over  20 per cent in  the last quarter, has  further  impacted  these  projects. The  new  government  formed post  elections ,  would  be  expected  to  address   the  issues  in  this  sector  like  long  term  funding for  road  projects,  faster land  clearance  and  also  introducing   more  stringent  prequalification  criteria  for  contractors  who  are  bidding  for  road  projects.


How specific steps must the new government take to ensure growth?


Growth  acceleration  can  take place  if   the  Government  ensures  a   good  mix  of  both  BOT  and  EPC  projects.  I believe the acquisition  of   additional  land   together  with  enforcement  of  the  new  Land  Acquisition  Bill  will  contribute  to  ease   the  existing  situation  and  would  pave  the  way  for   faster  implementation  of  projects .



With the world's largest range of recycler and soil stabiliser products, Wirtgen offers appropriate solution for every application. The company has launched the WR 240, the new generation of cold recyclers and soil stabilisers,  in India which stands for top quality on every job.  With a 6-cylinder Cummins engine rated at up to 455 kW / 619 PS, these machines are not only extremely powerful, but also cover a correspondingly large range of applications, scoring especially with performance, user-friendliness and end-product quality - both in stabilising heavy and swampy soil and in recycling large-scale roads.


New standards in cold recycling and soil stabilisation

The WR 240 is the fleet's specialist for powerfully stabilising large areas of insufficiently cohesive soil. In cold recycling, it demonstrates its prowess in reusing resources 100 per cent when processing defective asphalt pavements. Numerous new features put it at the top of the class in terms of efficiency and economy. Machine output has been optimised by powerful motorisation with high torque reserves while engine power is transmitted directly and effectively, benefiting its milling performance. Nine different rotor speeds guarantee optimum mixing performance, aided also by ultramodern computer-controlled metering technology with automatic monitoring to ensure exactly the right mix. A spacious modern cabin with camera system and a driver's seat that can be turned through 90° ensure that the machine operator always has a clear all-round view of the machine and the job site. The cabin with large windows can be displaced beyond the right-hand edge of the machine, permitting a perfect and direct view of the milled edge. All-wheel steering and a separate steering angle on the rear axle ensure an extremely small turning radius permitting swift manoeuvring at the end of short passages and in confined spaces.


Intuitive operation for maximum performance

Technical improvements focus not only on driving comfort, but also on easy operation. As a result, the operator can now control all the main basic functions easily and conveniently via the highly responsive multi-functional joystick in the right-hand armrest. Automated processes, such as automatic lowering and raising of the milling and mixing rotor, the ergonomically designed workplace and the innovative reverse assist function, make life vastly more convenient for the operator and improve daily performance.




Wirtgen has been the leader in concrete paving equipment segment in the country since it undertook the prestigious Mumbai Pune Expressway project in 1998 – the first project of its kind involving concrete slipform paving in India. In that project alone reportedly 7 out of the 8 machines used were Wirtgen. With the project being completed successfully the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) proceeded in a large way for concrete slipform paving – almost 17 of them in the Golden Quadrilateral Phase I projects. Wirtgen machines once again proved their mettle in slipform paving technology. Ever since then Wirtgen has been No 1 supplier in the country. The East West Corridor project has also seen several Wirtgen Paving trains in operation. Wirtgen India not only supplies equipment but also provides complete solutions for concrete paving projects which include on site product support.


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