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Infrastructure growth will drive demand for plywood in 2014


Since it came into existence in 1986 Century Plyboards (I) Ltd (CPIL) has left its imprimatur in real estate space across the country.  Its products today have a ubiquitous presence and have brought about a paradigm shift in the concept of living spaces.  So much so that that the company is today the largest seller of multi-use plywood and decorative veneers in the country’s organised plywood market. As pioneers in Borer Proof Plywood and Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) Decorative Veneers and Laminates in India, the company has successfully created a niche for itself in the highly competitive lifestyle segment and is the first choice of leading architects and interior designers. CPIL has also been the front-runner in applying innovation at work which it views as the cornerstone of all its processes and technologies. Sajjan Bhajanka, Chairman, CPIL, responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES’ queries about the prospects of his firm in 2014.

What is the extent of the demand for your products across India’s construction and real estate space? How are you coping with the demand? And what is Century Ply’s market share?


CPIL has been consistently growing as a company since inception. We have been the leaders in the market in the organised segment of the industry. The unparalleled quality of Century Ply products, the innovation in product development, the channel and marketing strength have established Century Ply as the market leader. We are the most preferred product choice in the organised segment. The company has established  new age, modern and state of art manufacturing facilities to cope up  the growing demands of the markets with new plants being established across and also by increasing the production capacity of the existing units.


Tell us about the company’s range of products?


From flexible plywoods that offer a unique blend of form and functionality to specially treated fire retardant plywoods that find use in a myriad of construction purposes, Century Ply has the right products to target different building needs. On the panel products side Century Ply manufactures, BWP, BWR and MR grade plywood, blockboard, BWP grade flush door and decorative doors. The company has launched plywood based on the E1 emission compliant plywood Kleanwud which is a pioneering step in the Indian Plywood industry. The company produces Architect Ply which comes with a lifetime guarantee. Apart from this we also manufacture special usage plywood such as Elasti ply which is flexible; Fire retardant ply and Marine Ply for marine based usage. Century laminates are available in over 450 shades and in several categories like Opulenza, SlimLine, Monocore, Liner Grade, catering to all segments. Exteria is a special laminate for exterior use. Meanwhile CenturyVeneer has two ranges, the Natural Range and Senzura Styles range, the latter being reconstituted veneer. Then we also have Century MDF, Prelam and  FaceVeneer. We have recently ventured into modular kitchens and ready-made furniture under the brand name Nesta.



With so much demand how does your firm ensure meeting of project deadlines?


The company has a well-defined and robust lead time management system. All products are dispatched and the client is serviced in the lead time management system.


What is your outlook for the industry for 2014?


The Indian consumer is becoming more conscious towards the quality of the plywood being used. There is a constant and positive shift towards branded plywood. Soon, plywood corporations with the more brand equity and better brand image would garner more market share in the overall market segment. In my view the driving forces for the plywood industry in 2014 would be the ongoing infrastructural growth and development across the country, increasing purchasing power; the steep growth in Tier II and Tier III cities and increase in consumption of plywood by the OEM segment.          u


Exteria, a brand new range of exterior grade designer laminate panels is being used across homes and office facades across India. The high pressure compact laminates are being viewed as a new revolution in building exterior application. The product has found an edge over conventional solutions like dry stone cladding, ACP or other similar cladding solutions because of its outstanding appearance for many years post installation.  The panel is weather resistant – neither sun or rain, including acid rain, nor moisture has any significant effect on its surface which is virtually maintenance free.  The Exteria range of exterior grade laminates available in a wide range of decors empowers a structural architect to play with the colours and patterns as per his creation. The material is Class 1 Fire retardant making it safer to be used in building exterior applications when compared to ACP or steel claddings. The moisture absorption in Exteria high pressure compact laminate panels is also very low (since the panels are completely non–porous) making it the first choice for high end residential and commercial projects where a sustainable, aesthetical look is of prime concern. Other cladding solutions like stone, granite, marbles are having a considerable water absorption rate due to which the shape and looks of the cladding gets affected within few years of its installation.  Exteria panels, unlike any other prevailing exterior cladding solutions, requires  very low maintenance, both on account of cost and time as the panels are very easy to clean. They do not attract dust and hence the moist dust layer does not adhere to the laminate panel surface. This is a major problem in most of the exterior cladding solutions like dry clad stone, ACP etc. wherein the dust accumulation create a messy situation for the user as the cleaning is required very frequently and even after cleaning, the clad panels does not regain its original shin and appearance. Being a ventilated façade, the Exteria panels provide improved comfort within indoor accommodations, offering a positive contribution to indoor environment quality (IEQ). Moreover, due to its cladding design, the mechanical stress in the main structure is reduced – a revolutionary aspect supporting the concept to be considered for rehabilitation of old buildings. Exteria panels are warp – free as it is a balanced laminated panel; one that will not warp when subjected to forces induced by uniformly distributed moisture changes. The reason why the Exteria panels are being termed as ‘balanced’ is since panels are both side decorative having design paper with similar expansion and shrinkage coefficients.

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