Friday, October 30, 2020

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Johnson’s Cool Roof


H&R Johnson (India), an integrated solution provider for tiles, bathroom products, modular kitchens and engineering marble has expanded its product line with the recent launch of its eco-friendly product. Named ‘Johnson Endura Cool Roof’, the latest addition is a new range of solar reflective tiles and which has been introduced in Kerala. The new range of Johnson Endura tiles provides an SRI value which is > 90 against the minimum SRI value of 78 for the building’s roof. The feature supports a structure to qualify for LEED certification as per the US Green Building Council. The cool roof tiles also help to achieve a reduction on the structure’s surface temperature by 10-20 degree Celsius, improve indoor comfort, reduce cooling requirement and conduction of heat into the building and ultimately save on electricity usage.

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Smart Bulb

Exploring the potential of mobile communication networks, Indian start-up Cube26 has launched a smart bulb that can be controlled using a mobile phone application. Named ‘IOTA Lite’ the product ensures a lifespan of 15,000 hours. It offers users the choice of 16 million colours, is rated at 7W and offers 500 lumens of brightness. One of the interesting feature of the bulb is a call/SMS alert equipped in the product.  The IOTA Lite blinks in a certain color for an incoming call. The feature is particularly beneficial for end users to operate the light setting even in silent or high noise prone areas. The recent launch has also marked Cube26’s entry into the lighting market in India and aims to create its identity in the home automation segment.

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