Sunday, October 25, 2020

Interview-Rajeev Kumar (Friends Equipment)

Urban India will see a big increase in demand for specialised CE

Friends Equipment specialises in the field of sales, service, operation and maintenance, spare-parts and rental solutions of all type of cranes. Established in the year 2012 it is today regarded as the most responsive, reliable and cost effective construction equipment service provider. RAJEEV KUMAR, CEO, FRIENDS EQUIPMENT responded to queries from CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on his company’s contribution to urban development. 


Briefly tell us about your product offerings for developing smart and efficient urban landspaces in India?
Friends Equipment is in the sales and service of  crawler cranes ranging from 12 ton to 3200 tons, telescopic cranes ranging from 55 to 2000 tons, tower cranes ranging from 6 to 100 tons, gantry cranes up to 1000 tons, tunnel boring machines up to 16 mts  diameter. We also offer spare parts and operation and maintenance services for the products we offered.


With increased thrust on infrastructure in India tell us of the scope for specialised construction?
India has a large population and there is a problem of urban traffic congestion, which strongly demands the development of an urban underground rail transit. And due to India’s dense population, underground pipeline network construction is a basic requirement to guarantee people’s livelihood. We think there will be a big increase in specialised construction equipment demand in Indian market and are keeping a track of the Indian market.


What is the level of acceptance, adaptability and utilisation of high-end equipment by Indian contractors and builders in creating smart infrastructure?
Things are changing very fast in Indian infrastructure sector. Companies are now more concerned about the safety of men and machines. Also they want to use machines with best components and with a lower breakdown period as most of the projects are time bound projects. Hence Indian contractors are looking for a new, good, reliable and work efficient machines instead of using old and used machines.  


Could you name a few of the key projects and clients from the infrastructure and construction domain in India?
There are plenty of key projects going on like J3 in Jamnagar by Reliance Industries, the Mumbai Metro is going to start in the next couple of weeks, and there are many others.   


As a company, what are the strategies followed to address competition?
We always choose the best product to sell at a reasonable pricing with easy and fast after sales service options. We also provide operation and maintenance solutions for all of our products we supply.  As most of the equipment supplied by us is specialised equipment we hardly face competition from the Indian market but face some competition from foreign suppliers. However our quality products, reasonable pricing and prompt after sale service, maintenance solutions and fast availability of spare parts always help us to win the game.


Could you tell us of your plans for 2016?
Firstly, selling equipment will be our focus. Secondly, in view of wide market prospects and large demand we along with our OEM’s will build professional plants in India for machine repair and maintenance. Thirdly, circumstances permitting, we will set up joint venture enterprises with companies involved in specialised equipment at the appropriate time under the full support of government and achieve localised production as per the Make in India campaign. We are exploring the market for tunnel boring machines this year and have already made an association with CRCHI. We will be keeping track of the Indian market.

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