Saturday, October 24, 2020

Interview-M Goutham Reddy (Ramky Enviro)

India needs a qualitative change in waste management practices


Operational since 1994, Hyderabad based Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd is a leading provider of comprehensive environment and waste management, and consultancy services.M GOUTHAM REDDY, MD AND CEO, RAMKY ENVIRO ENGINEERS LTD talks to VEENA KURUP on the importance of waste management practices and the company’s expertise in creating sustainable urban spaces.


Briefly tell us about your product offerings and the company’s areas of expertise for the development of urban infrastructure projects?
We offer a whole gamut of best-in-class services under various categories such as Waste Management - hazardous, municipal, bio-medical and e-waste; and also Recycling - waste water, paper, plastic and integrated waste. We also offer renewable energy, consultancy and integrated environment services. Since its founding in 1994, Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd (REEL) has madeconsistent progress to become one of Asia's leading players in the infrastructure development and environment management sectors. We currently have a pan-India presence in 55 locations spread across 17 states and union territories and operateout of 8 regional offices. To facilitate our international forays, we have established offices in UAE, Singapore and Gabon, West Africa. As part of our blueprint to be an active participant in global economic progress, we have augmented our potential in key growth sectors including infrastructure, construction, EPC, waste and water management, real estate, farming, manufacturing, research, finance and investment.
We have already established our identity to providing the best available services, predominantly in the solid waste management and water treatment sectors. Both these sectors play a critical role in the development and progress of any urban space.


Very briefly tell us of the technologies which makes your products and services secure an edge over the competition?
Providing best quality integrated environmental services which can preserve environment and fulfill all contractual requirements to the best satisfaction of our privileged customers by using optimal resources and under safe working conditions has been our growth motto. This has helped us to enhance the service value for our customers. At all of REEL’s Waste Management Project Laboratories, we are committed to providing professional practices and high standards of service by complying with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 : 2005 to the satisfaction of all stakeholders and to continually improve the effectiveness of the management system while ensuring integrity, confidentiality and impartiality. We offer urban local bodies a comprehensive service matrix - right from door-to-door collection to state-of-the-art treatment and disposal of municipal waste. We adopt stringent US EPA guidelines for waste handling and disposal activities.


Could you talk of the faultywaste management practices being followed in India? What are the business enablersfor companies like you?
Waste management practices are still at a very nascent stage. I don’t think that we have progressed even upto 5 per cent of the global standards being followed. A major cause behind this slow growth is the practice of ‘Pollutant based model’. In India, mostly the local governing bodies like Municipal Corporations are entrusted with the responsibility to implement such technologies. Private companies only acts as a service provider or as a consultant. Due to this there is a large skill gap seen in the waste management practices. Change needs to be brought in right from the grass-root level – to start with, the way the waste is being collected, dumped or disposed off needs to be changed. All such practices have to move up on an advanced level by using the best available technologies and services. Private companies can contribute in a healthy way in bringing this change into practice. India hence needs a qualitative change in the waste management practices. However, the situation is gradually improving today due to the constant social attention and increasing awareness of environmental concerns. Government’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is one such positive move we are seeing today. The campaign is assigned with a good budget and has the potential to bring a qualitative change in the standard of life. The actual results on the initiative’s implementation are hence being anxiously looked upon. We are seeing immense opportunities in the field of solid waste management in the near future.


Tell us of your landmark projects across India?
REEL has a list of many ‘first-of-its-kind’ projects to its credit. We established India’s first integrated industrial hazardous waste management facility. To name a few, our recent projects include the Mumbai Solid Waste Management initiatives. We are operating India’s largest hazardous waste incinerator complex at Taloja, and are also handling a similar industrial hazardous waste based and municipal solid waste projects in Hyderabad. Apart from these, we are also handling 15 medical solid waste projects across the country. Roughly, we are handling close to 6 million tonnes of solid waste, which is 10 per cent of the overall solid waste management market in India. Our focus is to achieve a steady and positive growth by increasing our market share in the solid waste management segment in the coming years.

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