17 October 2018

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Interview-Vivek Kejriwal (Sunvik Steels Pvt Ltd)

We look forward to a new era in steel usage through Readyfix

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Sunvik Steels Pvt Ltd is a primary steel producer, which has carved a niche for itself with its unique, premium range of TMT bars – Sunvik GOLD. The company has expanded its product innovation making the steel cutting and bending process more qualitative and cost effective.VIVEK KEJRIWAL, MANAGING DIRECTOR, SUNVIK STEELS PVT LTD in an interaction with VEENA KURUP spoke about the latest offering and its ability to contribute to the country’s infrastructure and construction segments.


Briefly share with us few details about your newly launched ‘Readyfix’ solution and the material advantages it offers to the construction industry?

Sunvik Steels Pvt Ltd started its journey in 2003 at Tumkur in Karnataka. It was the first integrated steel plant built on an area spanning 50 acres. Combining state-of-the-art technologies with deep-rooted knowledge, Sunvik Steel has established a formidable reputation since its inception. Leveraging cutting-edge German technology in the manufacturing process, the company's emphasis on excellence of quality is evident in all the products, which include sponge iron, billets, power and TMT bars. Indian construction industry is going the global way and many new technologies are revolutionising the way structures are built.

The Readyfix offering from Sunvik is a downstream cut and bend service that provides customised solution for construction industry. Sunvik’s new offering besides addressing conventional challenges faced by the construction industry, also aims to enhance construction building quality, efficiency through precision solution, improve inventory control, lower onsite labor, control wastage, improve health and safety at site and most importantly ensure timely construction of project. The findings achieved through our studies have revealed that the solution can speed up the project by about 10 per cent as against the conventional methods. Besides, the product is highly energy efficient and can minimise scrap, which is generally created during the steel bending and cutting process. In addition, the product proves to be an apt solution for speedy construction in projects facing space constraints. With the construction activities becoming more complex, we believe that such products will emerge as the need of the hour to complete projects within a stipulated budget and timeline.


So can it be considered as a first-of-its-kind product introduced into the market?

We are not the only manufacturer who is offering such a kind of product, there are similar solutions available today. We are a primary steel producer and hence have a strong understanding on the industry’s pulse. This has helped us in developing and introducing a product as per the market requirements. Readyfix stands as an effort to simplify and strengthen hassle free construction process. The product is a testament to the high level of sophistication, precision and automation that can provide services over and above the more conventional approach. Apart from its ability in supporting speedy, cost effective and on-time delivery of projects, Readyfix through its mechanised processes assures complete consistency in quality and achieving accuracy. The cutting and bending of the steel items is done as per the client requirements and hence reduces scrap. The Readyfix solutions are in accurate angles and lengths as specified in BS 8666/IS 2502 standards. The 135o angle bend and 75 mm length cut helps the stirrups to hold on tightly with the straight rods in columns which in turn will give much more withstanding capacity to the structure, especially to withstand natural calamities like earthquakes. The product is made through fully high-tech automated computerised machines from Italy that cuts and bends steel with absolute precision. With the latest computer-controlled shear-line cutting machine, robotic double bender, single robotic benders and stirrup machinery, the company has the ability to cut and bend bars of diameters that range from 8 mm to 40 mm. We look forth to start a new era in steel usage through Readyfix solution, similar to what ‘Readymix’ solution has done for the concrete sector. Readyfix will bring a revolution in the steel industry.


Citing few examples, could you talk of the environmental and cost benefits that can be achieved through the product usage?

Apart from addressing the conventional challenges, our Readyfix solution could also prove to be economic and lower the construction cost, particularly in terms of steel usage. A market research initiated by Sunvik has estimated that consumers using Readyfix could save upto 5 to 7 per cent cost in steel budget, which takes into account reduced wastage, pilferage, lower cutting and bending labour cost, lower inventory carrying cost and pilferage and overlapping. Also through our studies we could find out that the usage of Readyfix can directly save about 5-9 per cent of the total steel materials used in the process of construction. Achieving such savings will positively result in bringing down the total cost of construction. Furthermore, with Sunvik Readyfix the site engineer just needs to pick up the phone and place his order on the basis of the bar bending schedule. The rest is taken care by the state-of-the-art, Sunvik Readyfix rebar manufacturing facility, wherein TMT are bend and cut to specification and each piece tagged before being dispatched to construction site as per desired schedule. Each products are cut and bend as per the respective project requires and hence reduces wastage of materials and minimises the chances of on-site theft.


How suitable are these solutions for infrastructure projects like roads, bridges etc?

Our Readyfix solution has the ability to deliver the ensured results to both infrastructure and construction projects. In fact, such solutions are ideal for infrastructure projects like bridges and flyovers as they often demand for cost effective, qualitative and speedy construction materials and practices. For instance, today most of the flyovers constructed across India are made through precast materials and technology. The steel used in this precast construction is mostly made through cut and bend process and are not made manually. Hence, we are very positive about the opportunities to be evolved from the infrastructure space and look forth to achieve more business from these projects.


How has been the response from the contractors and builders community been towards the products?

It takes time for any new technology or product to earn customer trust in the market. Similarly, the market is slowly but positively opening up for products like Readyfix. We are seeing an increasing acceptance today in the construction sector as against infrastructure projects. The shooting cost of labour and need to complete projects within a stipulated timeframe are the major factors attracting contractors and builders towards such products. Construction and infrastructure majors like L&T today only prefer to use cut and bend steel products in their projects as against conventional materials. Readyfix is an ideal solution for developing cost effective, qualitative and sustainable projects.


Name a few of the companies that have approached you for the Readyfix solution?

We are primarily targeting large and mid-level contractors and companies and builders who execute their own construction work. Few of the key clients who have approached us for the Readyfix solution are Sobha Ltd, L&T, NCC, MES, Simplex Infrastructure and Gammon India. The market has yet to open up for such products and technologies. The hardcore contractor community is generally not used to such kind of products and hence will require more time in accepting such innovations. But, we are very optimistic on the opportunities that will soon evolve.


Briefly tell us about your other product offerings for infrastructure and construction space?

We are a primary steel manufacturer. Apart from the Readyfix solution, we offer regular size TMT steels bars, power, sponge iron and billets. We also offer flyash bricks and blocks for the construction and infrastructure projects. These blocks and bricks are manufactured from the flyash waste which is created during the power generation at our captive plants. These blocks are more energy efficient and help to replace the conventional flyash blocks. We are also into power generation activities. The heat released during steel manufacturing is captured and used to generate power and is even supplied to the neighbouring regions. We ourselves use this power to run our captive power plant. Sunvik Steels has invested more than `50 crore to set up a Wasted Heat Recovery Captive Power plant of 10 MW which reduces the Green House Gas emissions. The Captive Power plant is installed at its present manufacturing location uses waste and waste gases as its raw material for generating energy. This means that gases which are otherwise not being utilised, today are being used as the fuel for the captive power plant resulting in 40-50 per cent reduction in power costs.


What is the company’s growth agenda for 2015?

We are looking to achieve a growth of about 8-10 per cent through our Readyfix business and are expecting new growth avenues for the product to increase its customer base. Apart from this, we seek to expand our market share in the TMT steel bars. We aim to establish our own identity in the construction and infrastructure space through our product innovations, unique technologies and qualitative services.

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