29 May 2020

Interview - Anil Lingayat, (Godrej Material Handling)

We expect the Indian market to grow

Says Anil Lingayat, Executive Vice President and Business Head, Godrej Material Handling


On the equipments supplied for construction of tall buildings: We provide tele-handlers of capacities ranging from 2500 – 12000 kg with maximum height of up to 17 m and aerial work platforms to reach heights up to 30 m.


On the safety features equipped in products: Our equipment is designed with effective safety requirements as per the industry standards. These equipment mostly find its applications in non-conducive environments where human life could be at a risk. Our aerial work platforms are designed to carry same load on extended platforms as are carried on standard platforms. This effectively takes care of the human error of putting more load at heights when platform is in an extended position. Similarly, our tele handlers have a strong ring across chassis which helps to reduce center of gravity and thus enhances safety of equipment. The cabin is equipped with special roll on feature which saves the operator’s life even if the equipment rolls down to 100 m in hilly or mine-ridden areas.

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