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Rockwool India and Middle-East Group

Thermal rockstar


Global insulation major ROCKWOOL™ India launches a winning product


The world’s largest stone wool manufacturer, to borrow a musical phrase, is in a rocking mood. With India’s construction sector activity likely to see heightened pace in the current year in the wake of the national elections, ROCKWOOL™ India and Middle East Group, the 100 per cent owned subsidiary of global insulation products and solutions major, ROCKWOOL™ International A/S, Denmark, is keenly eyeing business prospects expected to come its way. The company’s minders are excited about their latest product offering – ThermalRock S.



Incidentally ThermalRock S which has undergone vigorous acoustic testing, has been conferred a Class ‘A’ absorption rating, is designed to achieve an A1 non-combustible reaction to fire classification including faced and unfaced variations. ROCKWOOL™ stone wool is completely shielded from attack from vermins and microorganisms since it is inorganic, does not rot and contains no nutritious substance. It is instructive to know that materials like asbestos, CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs are not employed in making ROCKWOOL™ stone wool products.


The company is a major player in the insulation industry offering high performance products and solutions for areas like fire thermal acoustic insulations in the construction and process industry which offer a chance for a better environment and quality of life for millions of users from around the globe.


The new product is intended as part of the company’s strategy to add value to insulation applications in the construction, petrochemicals, energy, ship building and processing industries.  ThermalRock S, shrinkwrapped in polyethylene sheets for ease of handling, transportation and storage, is largely employed in internal partitions, soffit slabs and façades.


The product, available in different dimensions, was created keeping in mind the group's "4 in 1" principle of fire safety, sustainability, acoustic comfort and durability.


The product derives from a natural and renewable substance available in volcanoes - Volcanic rock, Basalt, coke - which is highly sustainable.  ROCKWOOL™’s new product is EUCEB certified and since it involves bio-soluble fibres, is non-carcinogenic and hygienically better compared to conventional mineral wool products in terms of its performance.




It finds rising utilisation in segments such as petrochemicals, power, oil and gas, cement, residential and commercial high rises in the form of false ceilings, ventilated facade application, duct wrapping etc. The material has found application in power plants and petrochemical projects in India, some of them associated with leading firms like L&T and Reliance. Lodha World Tower, Panchshil Projects, Mumbai Metro and Vodafone are some of the big players in the construction sector that use ROCKWOOL™ products.


With cities going vertical, the company sees huge business opportunity from offering solutions to the tall buildings segment.  It is easy to see why Vinay Pratap Singh, Sales Director, ROCKWOOL™ India and Middle East Group is ecstatic about the increasing scope of the products.


“We see great potential for our products and a huge business prospects ahead of us,” he trills. That, for any marketing man, should sound like a rockstar’s musical rendering.u


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