01 June 2020



All weather savior


For an organisation with 'Saving Energy, Saving Green' as its motto, Aerolam has done pretty well in the eyes of its numerous customers.


Ahmedabad- based Aerolam Insulations manufactures reflective insulations and its product range varies from various categories of single bubble insulation to double bubble insulation material.  The company utilises contemporary production processes – it is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and world class infrastructure – and thanks to the high quality of its products, it has been able to create a pool of loyal customers.  At Aerolam, metamorphosis is smart and quick. Within a span of just one decade, the company has delivered results and new product integrations with confidence and in the process achieved a global footprint.


The company has recently launched Aerolam Optimum 20mm Thick Big Bubble and Aerolam Advance 10mm Thick Big Bubble range to its already existing repertoire of products. Aerolam’s range of products provide various surface insulations to pre engineered buildings, industrial sheds, poultry farms, and mega structures.




The management team of the organisation guides the progress of the company with corporate vision, process expertise and professional management skills. Dhaval Patel who pioneered the company’s foray into insulation product manufacturing, is currently the Chairperson of the organisation. Brijesh Patel, the Managing Director, works with visionary zeal and looks after the day to day operations of the company.  The company also runs under the driving force of young, qualified and experienced professionals. Krunal Pandya, Vice President, Marketing and Technical, has rich organisational experience and sound knowledge of the insulation field.



Aerolam Reflective Insulation can be applied during the construction stage of any residential or commercial building. The reflective nature of the product has been prepared keeping an eye on extreme weather conditions – hotter or colder. Firstly, it reflects the radiant heat emitted by the sun during day time, particularly in the warmer parts of the world and makes the inner atmosphere more friendly and comfortable. Then it also prevents inner cooler atmosphere getting disturbed from the outer heat by creating a non-transmitting temperature barrier. This leads to the same product finding usage in colder climes as well.  It prevents the inner heat transmitting outside and getting inner atmosphere colder.


The reflective insulation material of Aerolam works as a thermal barrier on your wall and roof and stops unwanted gain or loss of temperature due to extreme weather conditions. And this eventually leads to the reduction of energy consumption.




Aerolam Reflective Insulation is a step towards a greener atmosphere. It saves a large amount of energy and thus fights against global warming. Secondly, by preventing unwanted gain or loss of heat it saves money required on running air conditioners and room heaters.   



•  To be among the top ten companies internationally providing reflective insulation material for construction purposes.
•  To be known as a quality provider of reflective insulation material
•  To match and surpass global standards in the manufacturing processes of reflective insulation material
•  To establish an employee friendly structure to enhance productivity
•  To provide relief from heat and cold to people from varied countries and backgrounds
•  To encourage the establishment of a greener planet through reduction in energy use


Aerolam Insulations is the first step towards creating a world without bad weather, pollution, hazardous chemicals and the effect of global warming.  Protecting an environment is all about creating a HAPPIER TOMORROW; GREENER TOMORROW.


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