01 June 2020


The potential for our thermal insulation products is large


Supreme Industries has been at the forefront of bringing the latest technologies to the insulation market. The company also aims to provide world-class materials and to continuously upgrade them to comply with the latest market requirements. ATUL KHANNA, GENERAL MANAGER – INSULATION DIVISION (THERMAL AND SOUND), SUPREME INDUSTRIES offered his take on the business.


Opportunities from new and existing structures: The potential for use of thermal insulation products both for the industrial, power and building industry is large. We bring laws as essential to the industrial growth requirement in the country. Our building laws require to be more adaptive to the changing worldwide construction scenario, and we must be able to consider newer materials, and procedures for their adoption while at the same time being sensitive to the surrounding environment.


Products and services, salient features and material costs: Despite the weak market demand, we have been able to do reasonably well. We have adopted austerity measures within the company. Our range of thermal insulation products serves different market segments such as HVAC, industrial, residential and specialised acoustic requirements with a view to improve efficiency and thereby enable conservation of energy. The Thermal Insulation Division of Supreme provides top-of-the-line insulation solutions with its ‘INSU’ Range of Products.
Each of the products that we offer i.e. INSUshield (FR, closed cell, chemically cross-linked polyethylene), INSUboard (extruded polystyrene) and INSUreflector (radiant heat reflective insulation material) are for the purpose of saving energy in different segments of the industry and for different market applications. All our insulation products are manufactured from virgin raw material. We now also offer Class ‘O‘ fire rated material in FR, closed cell, chemically crosslinked polyethylene.


Technology and trends: With new products comes newer technology, which requires equal support for their evaluation and standards for their adoption and use. While we have been working in this direction the primary objective remains business – and working on our ‘bottom line’.
Each product that the market has to offer has its own limitations and advantages, which suit specific requirements. The ability to explore newer applications and products is the need of the hour. It allows companies to stay afloat in an ever changing scenario.


Future strategy and plans: Future plans would be to consider new products associated with our line of business and improve cash flow.  As they say ‘Luck favours the brave’, thus we will attempt to tap new regions and areas of application in order to reach our client when required; that could be our answer to a larger market share.


Company performance and products launched: While the company has improved upon the bottomline on y-o-y basis, growth hasn’t come as expected. Looking at the investment scenario and political instability in the country we have postponed new products launch impacting our future business plans.


Expectations from the government in the coming year: Laws and policies, and their adoption by the building industry, both industrial and residential would help instil growth for our business.

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