01 June 2020


“New structures offer more opportunities”


Twiga is a leading manufacturer of glass wool insulation in India having a twenty-five year track record of supplying domestic and export customers with world-class products for thermal and acoustic insulation. Biswajit Roy, Manager- Building Solution, U.P Twiga Fiberglass offers CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES an overview of the latest technologies and industry trends.


On opportunities from new and existing structures: Opportunities from new structures are more. There are some indirect forces –  like scarcity of water for building construction – which push new technology like dry construction which recommend more use of thermal and acoustic insulations. Projects that are going for green ratings are also incorporating insulation in the roof or wall design that complies with ECBC.
Company performance and impact on business: The current year was not easy for any of the manufacturers as input costs for imported and quality raw materials were quite high and the Indian market was not ready for price escalation. Overall we met our intended performance. Slowdown decelerates the speed of supply in big projects but we put in more effort in new segments and regions from where we got benefit.


Products and services and salient features:
The hallmark of Twiga products are their superior fire properties and their extremely cost-effective nature.  
The application areas are as follows:
Building envelope: Energy efficient roof, wall and facade. Twiga Insul helps to comply with ECBC recommended U-values or R-values for 12 or 24 hour-buildings.


HVAC: Twiga Insul is recommended for duct wrap and pipe insulation for central air conditioning systems. Aluminium or special polypropylene faced flexible blankets are used as duct thermal along with compatible sealing system.


Drywall partition: Low density resilient fiberglass wool helps to achieve high acoustic isolation in dry wall partition without increasing the load in the assembly.
Pre engineered factory buildings and light gauge/pre-fabricated structures (low cost housing): Tough and flexible insulation blankets of customised lengths with special facing and tabs are applicable for metal building roof and wall insulation.


Other segments include cold storage, bus-body, metro rail cars, long distance rail coaches and many other processes/niche segments.
General product features of Twiga Insul include high thermal resistance, high acoustic absorption, fire safety, hydrophobic nature, chemical stability, shot free, resiliency etc. Basic material has fire safe features like non combustibility, non-toxicity, limited or zero spread of flames (Class ‘O’ / Class 1). It is pure and does not settle down. It complies to general standards of IS: 8183,IS:3346, IS:3144 and IS:9842.


On technology employed and trends:  TEL technology – patented by Isover Saint Gobain. The process of manufacturing is quite technologically advanced. This technology helps to manufacture a huge family of diversified products. The products may be in the form of long or short and thick or thin insulation blankets and boards. Today a lot of niche segments for insulation products are getting developed. Applications like fire duct, war ships, metro rail coaches, automobiles and high performing appliances demands high performing insulation products manufactured from technologically advanced processes.


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