01 June 2020


The changing face of construction is creating opportunities for the waterproofing industry. Today’s customers are becoming more demanding and choosy on selecting waterproofing products. The entry of multinational manufacturing companies and a healthy developed construction industry has given a push to the waterproofing market.


The following industry experts discuss various aspects of the waterproofing industry including the latest technology trends.


Sunny Surlaker, Head of Admixture Division, MC-Bauchemie, India


Shashi Suvarna, Business Head, Rossari Biotech


Kalpesh Chitroda, Director, Maris Polymers, India



On growth opportunities:


Surlaker:  As per FICCI the market size for construction chemicals has the potential to grow to Rs. 5000 crore over the next few years if the industry promotes itself professionally and increases the level of awareness in the construction industry. Constructors should be convinced that usage of construction chemicals is a benefit and not undue cost. To this effect we have formed an apex body called Construction Chemicals Manufacturers’ Association with the main aim of increasing awareness as well as to ensure quality standards of construction chemicals. Further, based on statistics, waterproofing systems form roughly 13-14 per cent of our industry’s sales figure. With a growing industry, we anticipate the demand for waterproofing systems to grow positively. The awareness and standardisation coupled with proper training will grow the industry manifold. It will take some time for the industry to come to the international level with respect to quality, value addition and awareness, but we are getting there quickly.


Suvarna:  Today in mega projects there is recommendation for construction chemicals from the  planning stage. So the opportunity is increasing day by day. I think for those who are technologically sound there is enormous opportunity lying ahead.


Chitroda: There is tremendous scope for growth in the market because of the absence of quality products in the market. Water proofing has been made a very complex and complicated problem. We are in the market to provide simple but accurate solutions to complex problems of water proofing. We are here for the long term to provide good economical water proofing systems and solutions.


Main growth drivers for waterproofing products:


Surlaker: The main growth drivers would include, integral waterproofing, joint treatments and protective liquid or slurry applied products, based on mineral or resin basis.


Suvarna: Specifiers have to specify what are the exact product requirements. With the advent of international consultants in India now we have complicated structures, mass concreting, and for such cases the parameters of recommendations are also changing, and they require high quality based products. We meet this demand through research and development. We have a huge plant in Silvassa where we do in-house R&D and upgradation of special products. And since our partner has larger R&D in the case of waterproofing, we get a high range of products and there is a continuous exchange of thought and technology.


Chitroda: The construction industry is changing and facing a lot of challenges like availability of raw materials like natural river sand, claybricks, trained manpower etc. The customers are becoming more demanding. The entry of multinational companies and a developed software industry has introduced new economics in the market. The steep rise in real estate is one more important aspect fuelling the demand for quality constructions. This is very good for water proofing products. There is very little scope for error and failure in water proofing. This has led to a good amount of importance given to quality water proofing materials and contractors. The introduction of the Green Building concept in the construction sector has created a good business opportunity for the water proofing industry. Water proofing manufacturers and installers have to convert these opportunities and grow to their full potential.


Latest technological trends and Products :


Surlaker:  The latest technological trends in the waterproofing solutions include low permeability concretes, integral-waterproofing additives and liquid applied membranes.

Of course, constant improvements also figure in our existing range of waterproofing membranes and systems. Our plans include better technical solutions and partnering with constructors to arrive at solutions that take advantage of the technologies mentioned above that will be both high durability and cost effective over the life of the structure. These cutting edge technologies will drive future of long lasting structures in India.


Suvarna: With the advent of new technology now we can do warranted waterproofing from inner side as our crystalline product is able to do so.  This coating with geo-polymer works very well with the structure.  In addition, as far as other technologies in waterproofing are concerned today we have large podiums and mega housing colonies where architects and consultants decrease or lower the weight of structures with columns. To support these structures we have moderate range and also premium range products of polyurethane waterproofing coating with up to 500 per cent elongation coatings.  We have completed such pilot projects in places like Chandigarh, Delhi and Lucknow.


Chitroda: Globally the trend is increasingly towards liquid applied water proofing systems. The advantages being, easy to install, water-vapor permeability, good thermal and weather resistance, locally repairable if damaged and excellent adhesion to different substrate found in construction. There are different types of polymers used in liquid applied water proofing system in India. Acrylic polymers are very popular but have a tendency to disintegrate when kept in constant water contact. Traditionally polyurethane families of polymers are the toughest and hence widely used in different industries. Polyurethane coatings are available for use in water proofing and when incorporated with non woven fabric reinforcement, are popularly called liquid applied polyurethane membranes which are accepted as the best form of water proofing worldwide.


New launches and tech advantages:


Surlaker: We have contributed several innovative technologies like dense packing concretes based on Quantz Technology and very low pore volume thick coatings for drinking water and waste water industry based on Dynamic SynCrystallization to name a few. These developments in various forms are inclined toward providing better waterproofing systems. Our latest launches include updated versions of integral waterproofing additives incorporating Dynamic SynCrystallization (DySC®) and provision of multi-faceted support in concrete technology for best benefit to our customers. We are working toward launching various new applications with our concrete additives, such as low permeability concretes, waterproof concretes, etc. to help our customers achieve more with less. MC-Bauchemie Worldwide has pioneered many innovations such as liquid applied bituminous membranes (Nafuflex Series), Flexible Crack Bridging Elastomeric coatings that can be applied in contact with standing water (MC-APC), etc. For the future, we believe in innovation and our latest systems for waterproofing of underground structures include a new generation breathable “Green Coating” that would revolutionise underground waterproofing treatments. Our major pluses are technical innovation, technical support and focus on flawless execution by qualified and trained applicators.


Suvarna: Ideally waterproofing should be done from the outer side but in metro cities we hardly have place to do such work. So the challenge is to do it from inner side of the structure. Earlier in the scenario, waterproofing failure ratio was almost 70—80 per cent as negative pressure was very high. But, with the advent of new technology, both domestic and internationally, we can do that from the inner side.


Chitroda: We distribute Maris Polymers SA products in India. Maris Polymers SA are selling their products in more than 50 countries. We are only eight months old in India. We are the first company which sells only polyurethane materials. Polyurethanes are the toughest polymers and have wide applications spanning from space to industrial trolley wheels. We have polyurethane water proofing systems which can be used as a coating and also along with reinforcement are commonly called liquid applied membrane water proofing. The tested life of the products is 25 years and if properly specified and applied would give a water proofing solution for 25 years. Maris Polymers products are economical and this is a big advantage for us in India.

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