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Our leak free home campaign is a very big initiative


The waterproofing industry will see enormous changes taking place in the coming days predicts SANJAY BAHADUR, Global CEO, Construction Chemicals, Pidilite Industries LTD in an interview to CONSTRUTION OPPORTUNITIES


On market opportunities: In India waterproofing is in a very premature state since the bulk of the construction sites use traditional methods. These methods have their own limitations and so we have the problem of leaking buildings everywhere. That is the area where huge opportunities are coming up. We have adopted scientific methods that are modern, and technology in line with construction methodology. Now a days the number of high rises is increasing in metro cities and newer projects are coming up offering both challenges and opportunities.  We have to be world class in terms of products. But that said, there are a million bathrooms which leak in the country. While we at Pidilite have started doing corrections at primary levels, I must say there is a need to execute training for those who do the job.


Traditional vs non-traditional products:  The waterproofing market is mainly divided in two parts: traditional and non-traditional. In India the traditional market is large today but it has its limitations. Products in the traditional market don’t have elasticity and this leads to cracks and leakages. These products are good for surface waterproofing but not for critical waterproofing. Non-traditional products, mainly cater to large projects which have a different need. The current practices of waterproofing using Brickbat Coba or membranes are not long-lasting solutions. Further, there is a need to insulate the buildings to reduce energy consumption in an effective manner. In order to facilitate all these needs we launched Dr Fixit LEC which is a green and sustainable waterproofing and insulation system for roofs and walls. The objective of the system is to create a Leak-Free, Heat-Free, Sustainable Structure.


Market size: The total construction chemicals market, which is non-traditional waterproofing (coating, pre-form membrane) is somewhere around Rs 1,000-1,500 crore, whereas traditional market, which is much larger than the non-traditional, is nearly Rs 5,000 crore.


Waterproofing solutions of Pidilite

•    Preformed Membranes
•    Liquid Applied Membranes
•    Integral Waterproofing
•    Surface Protection & Damp - Proofing
•    Primers & Adhesives


Pidilite's strategy for the next 2-3 years:  Over a period of time we have come out with right products for the Indian construction industry as far as waterproofing is concerned. Many new technologies have been incorporated in the last couple of years. So from a products perspective things are fine. But skilled manpower is still a problem and thus we are spending a lot of time and money. We are coming up with various training programs which actually help in awareness building. I must say the waterproofing industry is going in the right direction. As awareness increases in the coming years we will see a massive change   


Objectives: Our company has a unique mission to ensure that the latest in construction chemical technology reaches the Indian masses. To achieve this goal the company has a wide distribution network and an army of trained applicators who ensure that the correct solution is provided for healthy construction.

Pidilite's commitment is further seen through three new services centric offerings.
1.    Dr. Fixit Advice Centre: It offers right advice and solutions to customers

2.    Dr Fixit Knowledge Centre (Kochi): This facilitates correct understanding and application of waterproofing solutions.

3.    Dr Fixit Institute of Structural Protection and Rehabilitation: It is a not for profit organisation which propagates the message of 'Healthy Construction' and educates applicators about the latest technological advances over conventional techniques.


Waterproofing products standardisation: As of yet there is no standardisation for products in India. Presently there is no system approach; that needs to be corrected. For example, bathroom waterproofing requires putting bath seal tape, then concrete grout and polymer modified mortar before putting water into it and coating. So a new system approach should be there for a success of a product.


New initiatives:  We started a services arm for applicator development and support. This is a big subject in itself and we want to go deeper into that. I also request NCRA to come to India and train our applicators.  If you say big initiative it would have to be our 'leak free home' campaign.  There is a need for a system whereby there is no leakage anywhere in India. Thus, we have taken up the leak free home initiative. That, for the country the size of India is a big thing. In technology for urban construction we see spray applied system, which requires less number of people, getting more popular. I think it would be next game changer in the industry.

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