28 February 2020

Company Profile- ESCON Elevators



Mumbai based ESCON Elevators Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading elevator companies providing solutions in 'Vertical Transportation Technology', is looking to become the undisputed leader in the marketplace.


The fast developments in the Indian infrastructure and construction industry demands advanced, easy to use and more efficient modes of vertical transportation. ESCON Elevators Pvt. Ltd. is one such manufacturer that believes in continuous learning, innovation, upgradation and perfection. The ISO 9001-2008 certified company has grown fast in the elevator and escalator business and offers topmost customised technical vertical moving solutions with its in-house R&D and manufacturing facilities. The company started its journey in 1990 and since then has been offering technically superior vertical transportation systems.
As told by Jose C Chacko, Manager–Branding & Corporate Communication, the fully in–house capabilities enable ESCON to respond positively, pro-actively and quickly to customer's customised requirements, without being limited by any overseas principal's product range and to carry out necessary trouble shooting well and promptly without having to wait endlessly for solutions from abroad.


ESCON's product range of lifts include passenger, goods, automobile and dumb waiter. It also extends to home lifts, parking solutions including stacker, puzzle as well as tower parking system and escalators. In addition, the company also offers integrated systems in design, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance and modernisation. It is guided by a strong desire to research, develop and innovate on products and systems which aim at providing cost effective as well as user-friendly solutions to clients.
Elevator: The ESCON team designs and manufactures elevators comparable with the best in the world in terms of range of performance competing technical intelligence. The ESCON elevators' range has been designed entirely in house by its R&D team, is continuously upgraded based on customer feedback and the Company's perception of customer expectations. Elevators from ESCON are enriched with deep and wide experience achieved through the company's substantial presence in the elevator industry.
Escalators and Travelators: While escalators help move people from floor to floor, they are also especially helpful in establishing traffic patterns towards exhibits or exits. Built using constant-speed motors, ESCON escalators are a safe and economical solution for any building with a medium to high traffic flow such as shopping malls, department stores, airports, hotels and public buildings. The company also offers systems as per respective project requirements according to the area's traffic patterns, safety and structural considerations.
Car Parking Systems: Apart from its varied range of elevators and escalators, ESCON also manufactures and installs Stack type car parking systems meeting customers' satisfaction. The Company is also equipped to manufacture, install and maintain multiple model car parking systems.


ESCON has developed state of the art single card micro controller based system in which large safety and traffic functions are managed through sophisticated intelligent software and R485 and CANBUS communication system. The company gives utmost importance to technical upgradation activities and is dedicated to bring out innovative, technically superior, cost effective, and quality systems. The company is committed to create innovative products through its intelligent engineering and R&D team. At ESCON, they call it 'ESCONOLOGY'.


Apart from its advanced R&D and technical supremacy, the company also offers modernisation services and can transform existing and old elevator systems to advanced transportation modes. ESCON offers a full range of modernisation services from redesigning old systems, replacement of old parts, upgradation of technology to installation of new one. NSIC-CRISIL Performance & Credit Rating SE-1B has assessed the company as a fast growing and high performance based entity. The vertical transportation firm is setting an ideal example for Indian companies in creating a brand equity through its topmost dedication towards technology, quality and customer satisfaction.

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