19 January 2020

Company Profile- Putzmeister Concrete Machines

Tech triumph


World leader and global supplier of concrete machines Putzmeister has launched a new batching plant


Construction equipment major Putzmeister India announced the launch of its new batching plant, the MT–1.0. The company has been at the forefront of developing advanced technologies and high quality services in India with its base at the Verna Industrial estate.


MIXING TECHNOLOGY AT ITS BEST: The batching plant has a capacity of 60 m3/h. As an in-house development the company’s R&D team has made sure that the MT- 1.0 stands apart with respect to design and in-built features which have been exclusively adapted for the Indian market. The MT–1.0 is characterised by high productivity, functionality, easier operation and maintenance in order to meet the highest standards of commercial RMCs, infrastructure developers, contractors and others from India's dynamic construction industry.


VFM FROM HIGH TECH FEATURES: The MT-1.0 offers the highest of all standards and features in regard to the operation and maintenance of a plant on a day-to-day basis. For example, the Easy Drive Through for trucks and the Easy Access to the Tower are features which are clearly designed to ensure safety and productivity. Most structures in the market do not have the width to offer an Easy Drive Through for the trucks. The MT-1.0 offers a wider frame of the support structure and hence ensures the truck mixers need not drive in reverse mode, which guarantees an optimum output of the plant and a great amount of saving time.'


TWIN SHAFT MIXER - FASTEST MAXIMUM MIX QUALITY: Moreover the MT–1.0 makes sure there is a consistent homogenous mixture in every batch with shorter mixing cycles. This ensures that the customer’s project can run at its full capacity from day one. A robust design has been put in place for the toughest operating conditions known in the Indian terrain. The plant is not only easily accessible for the maintenance team, but it also creates value for money over the long run as there is less wear compared to the pan or planetary mixers which have been introduced in the Indian market.


PERFECT WAY TO MAINTAIN CORE OF BATCHING PLANT: A central lubrication system that injects grease at regular intervals to the shaft seals of the mixer ensures that the machine runs smoothly at all times, thus providing hassle-free, automated maintenance to the heart of the batching plant.


TOP WEIGHING SYSTEM FOR AN OPTIMUM CAPACITY: Weighing or control issue is completely taken care of by a calibration system for cement, water and fly ash, ensuring and making it an easy task so that the MT – 1.0. Batching plant is operating accurately at all times.


SOFTWARE POWERED BY PUTZMEISTER ENGINEERS: Last, but not the least Putzmeister has integrated the option of a remote operation of the plant through using a tablet. In short, this means the future and proud owner, as well as the operator of a Putzmeister batching plant, MT–1.0 can lean back and enjoy the following digital features:

  • Plant monitoring through ‘App’
  • Preventive maintenance schedule and interlocks
  • System generated calibration chart
  • More benefits at a glance
  • Availability of more maintenance and working space
  • Skip and discharge gate lined with wear plates for extra life
  • Possibility to increase aggregate storage capacity when required
  • Availability of skid frame for mobile application
  • A calibration system for cement, water and fly-ash makes weighing or control error free

The company has always believed that the customer’s voice needs to be heard and with the new batching plant it has ensured that all worries of today’s construction equipment owners are addressed.


CONCRETE PERFORMER: As a pioneer of research and development in concrete pumping technology, Putzmeister offers the latest and the most comprehensive range of concreting solutions. Putzmeister machines are working for construction of various prestigious projects like Metro rail projects, expansion and modernisation of international airports at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru, construction of various power plants, hydro-electric projects, LNG tanks, refineries, ports, roads, bridges and other various high rise building projects. In July this year Putmeister offered 275 m vertical pumping capacity at the L&T Omkar Worli project in Mumbai, thanks to its stationary pumps BSA 14000 and BSA 2110HPD.


For more details contact: Email: batchingplant@pmw.co.in


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