01 June 2020

Company Profile- Apurva India

Cutting edge coating


A Mumbai based company has been at the forefront of providing world class car park coating solutions


Apurva India Ltd’s Polydeck is a polyurethane based car park coating system. It consists of a polyurethane based coat followed by solvent-free polyurethane coating. This high performance coating is specially designed to provide clean, corrosion resistant, bacteria resistant, hardwearing, chemical and abrasion resistant floor finish. Polydeck is the ideal solution for basement car parking, intermediate decks and exposed car decks. 

Apurva’s Polydeck is a cutting-edge coating that provides long lasting, attractive, easy to clean, seamless and impermeable surface for car park decks. A car park apart from being one of the most frequented areas is also the first point of contact for the customer and where he forms his first impression. This holds true especially in the case of malls, hotels offices, shopping centres, apartments and commercial complexes. It thus becomes very important for the car park to look good and continue to look good for a long. In any car park constant traffic movement creates structural movement and long-term substrate deterioration. Left uncoated, the substrate concrete will be worn smooth, creating a skid hazard. This is often exaggerated by the presence of water or air borne particles and attack from spillage of anti-freeze, battery acid, AC fluid, diesel, petrol or oil. While paver blocks and concrete may seem practical, they are neither economical nor durable in the long run given the aforementioned reasons.

Polydeck focuses on 3 core areas of a car park:

1] Structural Protection

Most multi-storey car parks have the following features:

  • Large areas with minimal support to allow least restriction to the passage of vehicles and maximise parking space
  • High dead load from parked vehicles
  • Constant traffic
  • High exposure to varying weather conditions, mechanical and chemical damage

Reasons for car park degradation:

  • Chlorides
  • Carbonation
  • Alkali silica reaction
  • Salt crystallisation
  • Abrasion

The solution

Polydeck provides superior and effective waterproofing and surface protection by which such damage to the car park can be prevented.


2] Improved Aesthetics

Being the first point of contact, car parks today, have a crucial role to play with regard to one’s perception of a structure. With constructions vying to match global standards they can no longer be viewed as dingy and dark places that can add no value to the structure.

The solution

Polydeck utilises the best coating system to provide visual enhancement and improved light reflection. It comes in a wide range of attractive colours that can be customised as per requirements.


3] Safety

Lack of adequate protection can lead to weakening and degradation of the car park over a period of time. Under such conditions car parks can become potentially dangerous places to pedestrians as well as vehicles.

The solution

Polydeck gives an eye-catching and light-reflective finish to otherwise gloomy car parks. It can be used to provide well-defined layouts with clear line and direction markings, thus ensuring smooth and organised vehicular traffic. Moreover, its anti-skid properties further help in ensuring the safety of all concerned. 



Anti skid

Polydeck’s non-slip surface, which can be customised as per the client’s requirements, renders an anti skid finish to the car park. 



Its excellent bonding to concrete and high wear resistance makes it long lasting and highly durable.


Easy to apply and low maintenance

Polydeck is easy to apply. Its excellent chemical resistance to petrol, diesel, battery acid and engine oil makes it easy to clean and maintain.


Seamless and hygienic

The seamless and impermeable surface ensures that there are no crevices or cracks where dirt and water can accumulate.


Increased brightness

Polydeck’s glossy finish increases brightness in dark and gloomy basements.


Reduces tyre squeal noise

Polydeck surface also reduces tyre squeal noise by reducing friction between the concrete surface and rubber tyre.


Attractive colour finishes

Polydeck comes in a variety of attractive colours. Polydeck can also be used for line and direction markings, as per the requirements of the car park.


For more details contact: Web: www.apurvaindia.in

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