Monday, September 21, 2020


Spy eye


Swedish security solutions firm Axis has launched nitrogen-pressurised stainless steel HDTV PTZ dome cameras The new top-of-the-line AXIS Q60-S PTZ Dome Network Cameras in nitrogen-pressurised stainless steel casings, are ideal for surveillance and remote monitoring applications in marine, mining, oil and gas environments, as well as food, medical and clean room manufacturing facilities. The rust-free cameras can resist the corrosive effect of sea water and cleaning chemicals, and withstand high-pressure steam cleaning. Pressurised nitrogen prevents internal condensation. AXIS Q60-S cameras provide exceptional video surveillance and high durability for reliable performance in demanding indoor and outdoor environments. AXIS Q60-S cameras, with SAE 316L stainless steel and a nylon clear dome cover, can operate in -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F). The cameras come with a multi-connector cable and a media converter switch that allows for network connection using standard network or fiber optic cables. The switch also enables the cameras to connect to external alarm devices via two configurable input/output ports and to 12 V power. Stainless steel mounting accessories are sold separately. AXIS Q60-S cameras are now available through Axis distribution channels. The suggested retail price for AXIS Q6042-S is $5499; for AXIS Q6044-S, $5799; for AXIS Q6045-S, $5999 

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Solar gain


Tata Power Solar, the leading solar solutions provider, has launched a new 1 KVA solar power pack system to its solar product line-up, aptly called TATA Dynamo. The power pack, a combination of solar PV panels, inverter and battery will help consumers enjoy uninterrupted power supply for up to 8 hours, at an affordable cost. With the new gadget it is now very easy to switch to solar! TATA Dynamo works like a regular inverter but has solar as its primary source of power. The intelligent system charges itself while powering all the connected appliances through free solar energy and when sunlight is unavailable it automatically shifts to regular electricity. Depending on the weather conditions, the system can provide back-up of 4 to 8 hours to power appliances like LED/CFL lights, fans, televisions, etc. The system has been designed for simple and faster installation with maintenance free operation. A household or user tends to spend around Rs. 1500 per month on electricity generation from grid and additional cost of running diesel generator. By investing in TATA Dynamo, this expense can be recovered in less than 18 months with an added benefit of uninterrupted power supply without any cost. With a minimum life expectancy of 8-10 years, the system offers exceptional return on investment. The key features of TATA Dynamo include: four high wattage Tata Power Solar module enabling more generation and faster charging of the battery, 180Ah battery to ensure extra power enabling

longer power back-up, 5 years warranty, ‘space saver’ wall mountable inverter to reduce floor space usage. The product will be available across the country

through Tata Power Solar’s 1000 plus dealer network.

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