02 June 2020

Interview - Marc Jarrault (Lapp India)

The 'Make in India' initiative will be our primary focus


Lapp India, a 100 per cent subsidiary of the Lapp Group, Germany, is a leading supplier of integrated solutions and branded products in the field of cable and connection technology. MARC JARRAULT, MD, LAPP INDIA PVT LTD responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries


On the company, products and solutions offered: Lapp India started its operation in 1996 with a manufacturing unit in Jigani, Bangalore. Till date Lapp India has provided about 120,000 km per year of control, instrumentation, power and data cables along with connectors, accessories and end to end Systems to over 3000 customers pan-India. We provide integrated solution to wide industry segments such as building and construction, renewable energy, machine tools, oil and gas, automation, textile, cement, steel and process industries, as well as the infrastructure sectors. Lapp India also completed phase-1 of its second manufacturing plant in Pilukedi, Bhopal which produces more than 216,000 km of single core cables per annum, catering mainly to the building cable segment. The production area at Jigani was also doubled in 2014 and a new multi core line was commissioned in Bhopal with a total investment of over €5 million.


On the sectors driving demand for their products: We have always regarded India as a land of opportunities. We feel it has potential to be a manufacturing hub. Our belief got reinforced when the government announced the ‘Make in India’ campaign. While the wire and cable industry does not find direct mention in the initiative, the opportunities generated by the 25 sectors that are part of the initiatives are leading our growth. These sectors include construction, infrastructure, renewable energy, chemicals, electronic systems, cement, oil and gas among others.


On their manufacturing facilities: Lapp India started its India operations in the year 1996 with a manufacturing unit at Jigani, Bengaluru. The Bengaluru unit is the second largest manufacturing facility of the Lapp Group and has a capacity to manufacture 60,000 km of multi core cables and 78,000 km of single core wires per annum. The company has invested approximately `165 million for this project. In 2012, Lapp India set up its second Indian manufacturing facility at Pilukhedi, Bhopal which is helping us strengthen our base in the single core wires segment as well as cater efficiently to growing customer demands in India. It has an existing capacity of 1,000 km of single core cables daily, catering mainly to the building segment. The Bhopal facility produces 36,000 km of multi core cables resulting in overall capacity increase of 60 per cent in multicore cables in addition to the existing 216,000 km capacity in single core wires. Lapp Group’s further invested a total of €5 million at the manufacturing plant in Bhopal and expansion of the production unit at Jigani, Bengaluru.


On clients and projects: Our esteemed list of customers includes major EPCs, integrators and developers themselves. Our clients include Reliance, Bengaluru Metro Rail project, Chennai Metro Rail and JSW, among many others.


On green initiatives, R&D and innovation: To ensure unbeatable German precision and standards, LAPP Cables contains oxygen free copper wire and there are no compromises made in terms of raw material inputs. We manufacture products for various industries such as oil and gas, automation, textile, cement, steel, infrastructure and construction sectors, renewable energy, process industries as well for machine and building. Hence, there is a strong emphasis on speed. We have introduced lean manufacturing which has helped us to generate products and services at the shortest time. The practice has helped us in achieving transparency in the floor shop operations. In addition, we have introduced the KANBAN system to reduce non value movement operators from machine to stores and back. KANBAN gives required material at the right place, at the right time and in right quantities when required and hence there is no lag anywhere.

When it comes to R&D and innovation, Lapp India has the advantage of advanced support from all other Lapp companies in terms of technical expertise, resources as well as R&D requirements. Lapp is synonymous to ‘Innovation’ and we believe in developing innovative cable technologies that play an important role in realising the overall sustainable development. Lapp India strives to develop cabling products and solutions that help and assist industries in creating innovative products. In terms of product innovation, Lapp India has won the trust of customers and this can be seen through our milestone that we have achieved in terms of supplying 1 GW grid connected solar project since its inception in 2010 and also has bagged orders for more than 350 MW of PV projects since October 2014.


On the emphasis on technology and sustainability: Innovation is one of Lapp’s guiding principles. Innovation results in future-oriented solutions for our customers. At Lapp, we always strived towards improvements in methods, processes and technologies. The emphasis on technology has enabled Lapp to market new products on a regular basis, while maintaining quality standards. We do our part to protect the environment and contribute to sustainability. We are also proud to announce that we have received ISO 14001: 2008 for our contribution to sustainability based on some of the initiatives taken by Lapp India. To minimise the use of natural resources, we have shifted from diesel generators to the power grid. Control the usage of copper and compound (petrochemical). To eradicate waste generation in our manufacturing process, we have implemented performance program to minimise scrap of copper and compound. To screen the waste which cannot yet be eliminated and not contaminating the ground, we segregate the areas to damp various kind of waste collected regularly and have invested in efficient water treatment plants. Contributing to renewable energy, we have participated to 1/3 of solar capacity installed and are currently supplying extensively to wind mills


On initiatives taken to strengthen business: India’s current economic environment is vibrant and conducive for higher growth for the company. With welcoming business policies, skilled manpower base and its burgeoning market have all combined to enable India to emerge as a viable investment partner to the global industry. The 'Make in India' initiative will be our primary focus and we tend to utilise this campaign in line with our expansion plans both at Jigani and Bhopal.

With the buzz around e-commerce, we will be expanding our e-shop - ‘Lapp e–shop’. The e-shop is a first-of-its kind dedicated digital channel offering the widest range of cabling solutions to the customers in India. Target audience are customers across Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MROs) industry, Research Institutes (for prototype creation), Engineering Companies and Institutes, Laboratories, SMEs. In addition to the existing traditional sales channel, the portal opens up a new avenue for customers to avail the Lapp products through e-purchase. With the launch of e-shop, Lapp India aims at enabling a perfect integration of the online and physical stores to enhance customer experience and drive growth in sales.


On the company’s agenda for 2015, product additions: We will be introducing various products this year. We have already introduced products such as OLFLEX Instrum , Foundation Feildbus Cables, OLFLEX Fire, OLFLEX Power LV. We will be also tapping into other industries such as transportation, railway, food and beverages, infrastructure projects.



ÖLFLEX®, universal cable used in control applications - besides being the first multi core cable to be manufactured in the world, these cables are suitable for 3 axis rotation applications and also for applications with very high linear bending stress.  ÖLFLEX®, FD cables can resist 8-10 million bending cycles of operation. ÖLFLEX® cables are the only choice when it comes to machine tool applications as these are oil and chemical resistant. Just to add on, this world renowned cable recently celebrated 50 great years of success.


UNITRONIC®, data transmission devices - is highly effective in avoiding leakage of signals during Data Transmission. This is achieved by using tinned copper braiding as a screening material against EMI interference. This is the brand of choice if you want fast, safe and forward-thinking solutions for transferring data. The range includes data cables for all electronic applications, from tiny cables in coffee machines to those transferring huge amounts of data in supercomputers.


HITRONIC® fibre optic cables are designed to transfer large volumes of data. Communications media via fibre optics are fast, efficient, and secure. Not even electromagnetic interference can affect HITRONIC® fibre optic cable. The HITRONIC® range of products includes cables for office communications, industrial applications, simplex, duplex, hybrid wiring, or cable chain applications.


ETHERLINE® Ethernet technology-based networks are playing an increasingly important role. We therefore offer reliable system solutions for network technology. The range includes products, software solutions and services for total security and availability.


SKINTOP® cable glands guarantee secure connections every time. Simply thread the cable and twist. The cables are perfectly centered, secured and hermetically sealed when ready for action.


EPIC® CONNECTORS are used in multiple terminations, can effectively withstand harsh and dusty environment. It can take up to 216 pins in one connector and has a configuration range of 4 -216 pins. You will find EPIC® rectangular or circular connectors in any machine and plant engineering or drive technology application used for measuring, control, regulation or drive.

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