17 January 2020

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UK based Thornton’s Chocolates selects Flowcrete’s industrial flooring solution to develop an eco-friendly, healthy and hygienic manufacturing unit.


Thanks to increasing awareness of safety and environment flooring systems and solutions today have become one of the most critical components in the construction of any manufacturing facility. A flooring system in a food processing plant is specifically designed to meet varied purposes like protecting and maintaining the concrete surface floor’s structural integrity, withstand load bearing and movement of heavy equipment, washdowns from processing activities, and to simultaneously provide complete protection from moisture, chemicals reactions or bacteria attacks.


The Derbyshire base of Thornton’s Chocolates, a well-known UK manufacturer of chocolate products , sought a seamless, hygienic floor finish that would brighten up the busy packaging and production rooms at their manufacturing site. The client required a flooring system that could stand up to a relentless cleaning and maintenance regime while continuing to look aesthetically superior. The chocolate manufacturer opted for Flowcrete’s industrial flooring solution to meet their project requirements.


The unit used Flowcrete MF, a chemical resistant, antimicrobial, polyurethane resin floor system with smooth matt coloured finish. The product is a seamless, polyurethane resin floor coating with an attractive smooth matt finish ideal in dry processing zones. Flowcrete MF was specified for the project at a thickness of 4 mm for the production area.



The heavy duty qualities of Flowcrete MF made it ideal for the busy production plant. The product Flowfresh MF incorporates Polygiene®, a performance based antimicrobial additive which inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, moulds and mildew.


The key benefits achieved by Thornton’s Chocolate manufacturing unit with the usage of Flowcrete MF were:

  • Proven antimicrobial performance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Easy to clean and sterilise
  • Non-tainting and non-dusting
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low odour during application
  • Heat resistant to 90o C
  • Monolithic and fast return to service



Apart from its abilities to meet quality norms and specific project requirement, the flooring solutions also ensured a non-hazardous, healthy and environment free working condition in the manufacturing unit. Furthermore, the product also offered long service life and seamless surface thereby reducing the need for repairs, maintenance and rigorous cleaning. Environmental and health considerations were controlled during the manufacture and application of the products by Flowcrete staff and fully trained and experienced contractors.


The Thornton Chocolate manufacturing unit is only one among the league of successful projects handled by flooring and construction chemical major Flowcrete. With its pursuit of excellence in the industry for over 25 years, Flowcrete today is recognised globally as a leading manufacturer of specialist flooring products. Flowcrete India successfully manufactures special industrial flooring, seamless terrazzo, decorative resin flooring, self-leveling floor screeds, underfloor heating, corrosion protection and car park deck waterproofing systems which cater specifically to the Indian climate.


With manufacturing facilities worldwide including India, United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil and the United Stated of America, Flowcrete is successfully placed as the world's leading specialist flooring company. The company today has over 28 commercial and sales support centres across the world, strategically placed to provide consistent high standards of products and services for customers worldwide.



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