01 June 2020

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Interview-Manoj Kumar (Apurva India Ltd)

Flooring industry in India is maturing

Mumbai based, Apurva India Ltd is one of the prominent names in the industrial flooring market. The company which started its operations in 1992 is today an end-to-end solution provider and caters to varied industries like pharmaceutical, automotive, heavy engineering, residential and commercial complexes. MANOJ KUMAR, PRESIDENT, APURVA INDIA LTD responded to queries from CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on the changing demand trends in the flooring market and the company’s expertise in offering unique solutions. 


Briefly offer your assessment of the growth of the industrial flooring market in India - and with reference to that tell us about your company’s position in that market segment?

The industrial flooring market in India has been growing at a rate of about 20 per cent year-on-year. This growth rate is expected to continue or even exceed in the coming years with increasing awareness of epoxy and polyurethane floors and the growing number of industrial units, especially in the food, pharmaceutical, automobile and engineering sectors. Apurva has been at the forefront in offering flooring solutions for more than two decades and has been catering to varied industries. With a reputation for quality and customer service, we are placed at the very top in the customers’ minds. We expect to strengthen and expand in the coming years.


Please provide a few details of your product offerings under the industrial flooring segment mentioning their areas of application which is driving business volumes?

Apurva offers the widest range of flooring products in India which include the usual self-leveling and coating products to coloured quartz flooring, anti-static floors based on PU and coloured quartz apart from car park deck coating systems. These products are used across industries like automobiles, pharmaceuticals, food, engineering, electronics, etc. in their production and assembly areas, packing areas and warehouses. Furthermore, our products are also used in hospitals, hotels and commercial buildings. Our car park deck coating systems are also being used in high rise buildings.


Briefly tell us about the landmark projects where your products have found application in India?

For more than two decades, we have been associated with most of the leading players across industries by offering them flooring solutions. While each of them is a valued customer, some of their projects have been landmark achievements for us. Some of our notable projects include offering solutions for the largest pharmaceutical unit with a colour quartz floor of over 60000 sq m in Hospira, Vizag; the largest anti-static hangar floor for the Indian Air Force of over 16000 sq m at Phalodi, Rajastan and the largest underground parking lot floor of over 60000 sq m for Reliance in Mumbai.


Tell us about your manufacturing units, their current capacities, investments and plans to raise the profile of your firm going forward?

We have two manufacturing units – one located in Tarapur, about 100 km from Mumbai and the other at Pithampur near Indore. While our Tarapur plant caters to the market demands within the country, our Pithampur unit looks after the demand from about 15 countries to which we are exporting our products. Our Tarapur plant is equipped with state-of-the-art production and testing equipment and has a production capacity of 6000 MT per annum. The unit also has a state-of-the-art laboratory for quality control and product development. Our Indore unit, which was commissioned in 2009, for catering to the needs of our international customers, has increased our production capacity by an addition of another 6000 MT per annum.


Tell us about your new product additions and their unique features that give it an edge in the market vis a vis the competition?

Apurva has always been at the forefront of introducing new and innovative products in the market. Some of our recent additions are Softfloor, an impact resistant, crack-bridging PU based floor for gymnasiums and showrooms; Florquartz ESD, coloured quartz based anti-static floors giving excellent and accurate conductive properties; Florgiene ESD SL, PU concrete based anti-static floor; Florscreed SLC, an economical self-smoothing underlay for epoxy/PU floors; and Polydeck LM, a high build line marking coating for car park decks.


What are the demand trends driving the market for industrial flooring products in India?

The demand for industrial flooring products is growing and is only expected to move ahead positively. With increasing awareness on quality and environment friendliness, customers are now looking for solutions ensuring better performance in their factories and buildings. PU Concrete is one product which is finding fast acceptance across varied industries. The product is increasingly being used at projects where heat and chemical resistance are the major determinants in deciding the type of floors. Apart from these, PU concrete flooring solutions can also function successfully in cold storages as well as in areas subjected to heat where conventional epoxy floors are expected to fail.


Citing a few case studies could you point the key benefits accrued to builders/contractors/end users to achieve savings on time and cost involved in the maintenance of structures?

The benefits of qualitative flooring systems is today a well-known fact among industry players and the stakeholders involved in the allied sectors. While protecting the concrete base floor from damages, these floor treatments do provide a joint-less, easy-to-clean, hard-wearing, and aesthetic surface in factories and buildings, thereby assisting in increased productivity and savings on maintenance costs. However, the benefits derived out of these floor treatments will vary depending on the industry, area of application and the system chosen. For instance, through our observation and experience in offering solutions for varied sectors, we have found that a PU based car park deck coating system can replace the VDF concrete screed that is normally provided in a building on top of the mother slab. This product results in substantial cost savings apart from other benefits associated with such a decking system.


What are the major challenges faced by the Indian industrial flooring industry and what are the solutions you propose to facilitate ease of doing business?

One of the major issues being faced by the industrial flooring industry is the lack of good applicators in adequate numbers. While a few of them are adequately equipped and experienced to do a good job, many of them are not quality conscious and do compromise on important parameters which essentially results in a good flooring system. Very often in such situations the client compromises on equipment selection, quality of people, quality and quantity of materials and the methodology of application. Such approaches often results in the failure of the flooring system and ultimately earns a bad name for the industry in general. This results in customers losing confidence in such specialised products. We do insist on involving properly trained applicators while using our products and impart training to all our applicators periodically to upgrade their skills. We also provide direct supervision of critical and important jobs through a set of experienced supervisors whom we employ for this purpose.


Looking forward how do you expect the market to shape up for the industrial flooring segment in India?

Industrial flooring is a growing segment in India. Today, more and more establishments are realising the importance and advantages of having proper flooring systems in their factories. Hence, the market is only expected to positively respond in the coming years. Accordingly, we are committed to provide a full thrust by offering quality materials and services to our customers. We hope to continue our leading position in this industry through our customer and market focused approaches.


Flooring Expert
From a very modest beginning in 1992, Apurva India Ltd is today a prominent manufacturer of various flooring and coating systems. The company today offers complete solutions for floor treatments, external and internal coatings. It has a presence in almost all segments of the construction industry in India and has also expanded its operations internationally in various countries. The ISO 9001:2008 certified company, has expanded itself into an all rounder in the flooring market and offers wide range of epoxy and PU flooring systems. Apart from quality, environmental commitment is the other major area of focus for Apurva India. Being closely associated with the Green Building Movement, the company offers huge attention to qualities like low VOC, low odour, antimicrobial, LEED compliant and minimal maintenance features in all its products and services.


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