03 June 2020


Trimble views communication and collaboration as lynchpins in  effective management

ROBERT PAINTER, GENERAL MANAGER, BUILDING CONSTRUCTION, TRIMBLE NAVIGATION LTD, USA responded to TECHVANTAGE's queries on his company’s approach towards software solutions collaboration.


On areas of software collaboration which your firm is pushing for in 2015: At Trimble, we view communication and collaboration as lynchpins in the effective management of building design, construction and operation. That means enabling a seamless flow of data across the Design-Build-Operate (DBO) lifecycle, which often spans geographically dispersed teams, changing stakeholders between project phases, and a mix of often incompatible technologies. We believe that improved access to key operational information is a vital ingredient in successful construction projects, which is why we’ve developed our Trimble Connect cloud-based collaboration platform. As a hub for our portfolio of DBO technologies—such as SketchUp, Tekla Structures, Vico Office, and many more —Trimble Connect is unique in its potential to address the collaboration needs of professionals across multiple markets. It supports the entire lifecycle of a project, from heavy civil construction to building construction. Trimble Connect creates communities of collaboration across and within disciplines, integrating data from Trimble’s wide variety of applications and devices to reduce the barriers between teams and tasks. Most important, Trimble Connect is open and vendor neutral, because we think collaboration works best when it doesn’t require everyone to adopt the same tools. Our open approach is exemplified by our alliances with industry leaders, such as Bentley Systems and Nemetschek Group. As part of our agreement with Nemetschek, we intend for the Trimble Connect collaboration platform to integrate workflows andcreate close interoperability between selected Trimble solutions and solutions of the Nemetschek portfolio. Trimble and Nemetschek share a commitment to open standards and workflows for the benefit of the entire industry—rather than for any individual vendor.


On the new software which facilitates greater integration and sharing of documents across various systems: Trimble Connect is open and vendor neutral and is intended to be useable across environments, systems and applications. Another example of our emphasis on collaboration and openness is the recent launch of Tekla Structural Designer. This new solution integrates with Trimble’s Tekla software and other BIM software to improve communication and collaboration—both within the structural design office and with other project parties, such as technicians, fabricators and architects. By combining analysis and design into a single, seamless process, Tekla Structural Designer from Trimble allows engineers to more efficiently design and analyse multi-material buildings. A key benefit of Tekla Structural Designer is that it eliminates the need to create multiple models for various aspects of a project. It also facilitates more collaborative BIM processes by enabling users to synchronize models across teams as many times as they want—without compromising vital design data—and by enabling rapid comparison of alternative design schemes to efficiently manage changes.


On the importance accorded to cloud services, disaster recovery, data center consolidation and business intelligence: In addition to Trimble Connect, we have a growing number of cloud-based solutions in our portfolio. Trimble ProjectSight is the most recent cloud solution. Targeted at general contractors and construction managers, Trimble ProjectSight simplifies the creation, access and sharing of project information between the field and the office and adds to our roster of solutions for managing construction project logistics, budgets, estimates, schedules, materials, and handling change between 2D and 3D datasets. As we’ve as often stated, easy access to data across the design-build continuum is important. But we believe that data should be accessible and actionable during a building’s long operation. Trimble’s Manhattan Software team is one of the leaders in integrated facilities management (IFM), with a growing interest in leveraging data analytics to help customers manage their facilities intelligently. Manhattan solutions from Trimble help building owners leverage operational data to scale staffing, optimize use of floor space, maximise building performance through energy savings, and much more. Manhattan Atrium EAM is an Enterprise Asset Management system that is “Trimble Connected”—meaning that it integrates with the Trimble Connect platform. It addresses both strategic and operational demands, including capital asset investment planning, survey and assessments, property/estates management and
facilities management. It’s pretty easy to imagine the benefits that could be derived when collaborative platforms like Trimble Connect become a means to harness the data amassed during the design and construction phases and then integrate it with EAMs, so that owners and real-estate professionals can leverage that same data to more intelligently manage their facilities and resources.


On Trimble’s role to cater to the growing interest in mobility: Trimble’s heritage and strengths lie in positioning and wireless technologies that connect the office and field, and we’re building upon that with new offerings for the creation and operation of buildings and infrastructure via a web browser or mobile apps.

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