11 August 2020

Table of Contents for Special Focus-Construction Chemicals

Interview-Abhijit Roy (Berger Paints)

Construction chemicals market to boom in the coming years

With a modest beginning in India in 1923, Berger Paints India Ltd is today one of the fastest growing paint companies which has now forayed into the construction chemical business. ABHIJIT ROY, MD & CEO, BERGER PAINTS INDIA LTD responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORUTUNITIES’ queries on the company’s chemicals business and its future growth agenda.


Briefly tell us about the USP of your products that have contributed to strengthening your brand identity in the market?

We offer different categories of products under our Home Shield range of construction chemicals. These products cater to varied requirements like repairs, new construction and roof coating. Berger, as a company, associates itself with innovation. We are constantly on the process of introducing unique products – the latest of which is Home Shield Waterproofing Putty and Kool & Seal which seals all roof cracks and keeps it cool. In addition, we have a comprehensive range of products from admixture to waterproofing which are required for infrastructure projects. We have been able to make considerable inroads into roads and building construction projects. Despite, being a new entrant into the construction chemical segment, we have already made our presence felt in the market.


Tell us about your recent projects and citing a few examples highlight the benefits accrued to your clients through your products?

We have supplied our Home Shield range of products to a couple of building projects in Southern India. These projects were developed in the areas receiving heavy rainfall. Our products were also used for some of the large road projects in Jharkhand.

Our construction chemicals are also been supplied to various government agencies in Kolkata for maintaining water tanks. Apart from these, our roof coatings are used in certified government projects. The product quality and our dedication towards efficiency have supported us in delivering desired results to our customers. For instance, our Kool & Seal has a unique combination of waterproofing and energy saving features. Daksha Builders in Coimbatore and Kavery Construction in Madurai are the latest end-customers likely to benefit through our product.


 What is your outlook on the opportunities from renovation and repair of old existing structures for the construction chemical business?

Our country has a large number of old structures. Repair and maintenance is of extreme importance in such structures to ensure not just the building’s lifespan but also safety of its residents. Such requirements open market for products like the ones supplied by us. Our range of repair products for sealing cracks and arresting dampness would give high longevity to the structures. However, public awareness is a must for the success of any such product segment. Hence, with increased awareness and usage of such technologies we expect a decent growth in demand of this market segment.


Briefly tell us about your manufacturing units?

We have nine manufacturing units for paints, where requisite modification and expansion has been done to accommodate the manufacturing of construction chemicals. Our units are equipped with advanced technologies and maintain high quality production and safety standards. Our units are presently working on couple of more product additions, especially for water tanks and wall surfaces. The products are aimed to deliver better sustenance in such structures and surfaces.


How crucial is the availability of trained applicators in ensuring product benefits? What is the company’s approach on skill development?

It is extremely important that we have skilled applicators, as performances of our products are dependent on the application. Hence, we have set up a training centre to train and educate both the painters and masons. Through this exercise we believe that we will be able to develop quality applicators across the country. These applicators in turn can offer a quality job to our customers.


How do you expect the market for construction chemicals to shape up in the coming years?

With increase in awareness and construction activity, the market for construction chemicals is likely to boom in the coming years. We as a company are equally geared up to meet this increasing demand.

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