25 January 2020

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Interview-Sunny Surlaker (Mc-Bauchemie)

Innovation is the key to stay ahead

Since 1961, MC-Bauchemie has been identified with sophisticated products and system solutions benefiting planners, architects and builders worldwide. The company’s Indian arm, with a presence of over 25 years, is today a leading name in the construction chemical business. SUNNY SURLAKER, HEAD ADMIXTURES DIVISION, MC-BAUCHEMIE (INDIA) PVT LTD responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries about the company’s success mantra and its plans to strengthening business operations.


Briefly tell us about the key features of your products that have contributed to strengthening your brand identity in the market?

We are an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, having a pan India presence through technically trained and qualified Channel Partners and IRP (Germany) trained applicators. We provide solutions to address a wide variety of concerns cropping up in the construction sector. For instance, our full range of admixtures and additives improve the properties of concrete during placement – in terms of workability time, slump retention, retardation etc. Then there are additives that make the concrete more durable, more impermeable, and give better finish. We also have special curing compounds to prevent concrete cracks, heal micro-cracks in concrete and do not cause loss of bond for overlays to the concrete. We have specialty-coating and waterproofing systems that ensure waterproofing as well as special applications such as protection of concrete in sewage treatments plants, where pH levels are extremely low. We now have material systems that can take care of concrete in exposure levels where pH is from 0 to 14. Apart from these, there are special injection systems and special polymer modified mortars to address water ingress as well as repair applications to increase the longevity of both newer constructions as well as heritage structures. We also offer specially formulated breathable, crack bridging, UV resistant, anti-carbonation protection systems that not only help to improve life of repairs, but also are used to extend the life of new structures. These materials provide a cover factor to the reinforcement in excess of 50 cm of standard M30 Concrete. Such kind of a protective quotient dramatically improves the service life of new structures.


Could you tell us about the key application areas of your products?

Our solutions are mostly used in all types of RCC construction, deep basements, wet rooms, swimming pools, water tanks, sewage treatment plants, industrial and commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, infrastructure, marine structures, drinking water reservoirs, transportation tunnels, station buildings, roofs, terraces, external facades, masonry construction, heritage structures, shipyards, hotels and other similar structures. We are also doing very well in the fields of waterproofing, repairs, floorings and coatings. Due to our product quality and services, the demand and sales of our construction chemicals business has always been positive. Also our sales performance is witnessing a great upswing lately.


Citing a few case studies, tell us about the benefits accrued to contractors, builders and end-customers through your products in terms of saving time and cost for maintenance and total lifecycle of a structure?

Our products help to reduce construction time and improve durability of the structures, even in challenging conditions. Our admixtures help to reduce construction time and improve formwork removal times. Our acrylic based curing compounds, used in Metro rail projects, help to minimise preparation of the precast element prior to bonding. They help reliable segmental bonding, while improving durability by reliable curing. Our waterproofing systems, including integral waterproofing additives, help to waterproof structures in the long run and thereby minimises the maintenance requirements. Few of our projects have shown quality performance in excess of a decade. Our industrial floor hardeners have been a favourite with the top industrial houses for reliable abrasion resistant flooring. Also our repair polymers alongwith our anti-carbonation coatings have been very successful in the long run. The coatings have demonstrated their protective quotient over a decade. These have been influential in saving time, costs and reducing maintenance for structures, while improving their durability over time. The unique products along with our support has been the key in assisting our customers to potentially benefit from the structures we have supported


What is your assessment of the demand for construction chemicals from the infrastructure areas – projects from transport, power and energy etc.?

The demand from infrastructure has been strong over the last few years, however once the project funding starts gaining momentum, we expect the sector to surge ahead very positively. We have had a good contribution of business from the infrastructure sector all through these years. Though the demand saw a slight dip last year, the sector is now growing and we expect the demand to increase substantially. The MC Brand is built on ‘Trust’ for the last 25 Years in India and over 50 years in Germany. The brand is honoured in the market for a technical professional approach and ethical practices. Based on the quality of the completely executed works, our products have long been popular and accepted readily into the market.


Briefly tell us about your manufacturing units? Are there any plans of expanding them or bringing in new additions to your product line this year?

We manufacture over 200 construction chemicals through technical and financial collaboration with MC-Bauchemie, Germany, a 50-year-old international organisation. The products are manufactured in our well-equipped plants in Gujarat and Goa and utilises the state-of-art German technology and quality assurance systems. We feel that our present production capacities are adequate enough to meet demands in the coming years. Our Goa plant is currently undergoing expansion and is supported by a state-of-the-art-training centre and laboratory for better interaction with our customers. We are also continuously improving our product lines to meet the stringent market demands this year. These innovations will help us move to forward positively.


What is the company’s approach towards environment and sustainability?

Today construction chemicals are a necessity. These solutions helps to preserve structures right from the initial stages of construction, protects it through its entire lifecycle, supports in repair and rehabilitation and ultimately increases the structure’s total lifespan. In today’s construction scenario, the need is to increase durability and therefore sustainability is of paramount importance. Sustainable construction should aim at reducing the environmental impact of a building over its entire life cycle, including construction, occupation, maintenance and demolition. In a fast developing nation like India, costs are essential and sustainable construction can help in economising the cost of the structure over its life cycle.

We at MC-Bauchemie are contributors to the mantra ‘Sustainability through Durability’ and our product systems are geared toward this philosophy. Our materials are environment friendly, free from solvents and harmful chemicals, and meet all the essentials needed for today’s green buildings. Internationally, to ensure the safe production and use of chemicals, the member states of the European Union have agreed a uniform chemical legislation, REACh, whith a strong focus on the protection of human health and the environment. With REACh the formulators of preparations, we now take a central position between manufacturers and users of chemicals. They ensure that risks are communicated consistently and without fail within the supply chain. As a European company, MC stands for reliable compliance with REACh and supports its customers in its practical application. Such kind of initiatives while increasing the awareness on environment and health quotient in construction process also helps to bring the concept of sustainability into limelight. Through such initiatives, we are also able to play a crucial role in the Green Building scenario.


How do you expect the market for construction chemicals to shape up in the coming years?

In today’s fast changing world of technology, ‘innovation’ is the key to stay ahead and for fuelling the growth of any organisation. We follow the same trend. MC-Bauchemie’s motto for years has been – Innovation, Competence and Service. These three principles would be the cornerstone of our activities for the future and will propel our growth to the next level in the coming years. Looking at market factors, we believe that with the advent of our Construction Chemicals Manufacturer’s Association, our industry is pushing forward the drive for awareness on “Correct Usage of Construction Chemicals”. Once this wave catches on, it would be a big boost in driving the growth of our industry and our company forward.

Considering the factors which our organisation can control, following the principles of innovation and ability to offer services satisfactorily to our customers will be the factor determining growth of the Company. We cater to the quality conscious segment of the market and not the price sensitive segment because we never let ourselves forget the MC-Bauchemie has a worldwide reputation to keep. Our customers keep coming back to us again and again translating to revenues from the technology conscious sector. This strategy helps us be part of the ever increasing highly technical and quality conscious segment of the market and helps us maintain a successful profile.

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