28 February 2020

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Kolkata based Videonetics has helped  the Indore Police Department  enhance their traffic management abilities.


The concept of traffic management was almost non-existent in the past. However, with  booming urbanisation and increasing population, an urgent need has evolved to monitor, control and ease transportation systems. Thanks to advancements in technology, today the concern can be effectively addressed through Intelligent Traffic Management Systems (ITMS). These systems are a means to  keep city roads safer, more coordinated and to ensure smart use of transport networks. Such technologies today work side by side to help the police and governing departments to detect and curb crimes. ITMS helps to detect and curb the general tendency of the public to disobey the traffic signals which often lead to accidents and loss of life. A similar kind of necessity was faced by the Police Department at Indore in Madhya Pradesh.


Significant number of cases was reported for stolen vehicles or  vehicles which were catergorised as ‘Wanted’ due to their involvement in crime activities. It hence became difficult for the police force to locate such vehicles that often fled away. Another concern being faced was the likely inflow of stolen or ‘wanted’ categorised vehicles from neighbouring states to the city. Though the cameras were located at various locations in the city, the network communication link from those locations to the Central Control Room (CCR) was not be available round the clock. This demanded a foolproof system which could function even when there was a failure in the communication link. The system should function and detect all types of violations and detection of categorised vehicles so that subsequently, when the link is up, the data is available at the CCR. The Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) system is one such technology which  helps to curb this tendency by capturing the offender’s vehicle number plate and preserve records for future analysis to take corrective actions against such offenders.



Videonetics came up with a solution based on its Intelligent Traffic Monitoring application suite to mitigate the challenges. The RLVD cameras placed at road intersections helped  monitor selected locations in the city and the software associate was capable of garnering a list of violations and challans and to maintain a database of the same. Each location was equipped with a computing hardware and a storage unit. The computing hardware does in-situ computation to detect and recognise license plates of the vehicles and the red light status by analysing video data. The detected event is then sent to another application installed at CCR, and challans are generated.  Challan generation also involves integration with the Regional Transport Authority database to collect the name, address and other details of the vehicle owner.


If the communication link is down from any location to CCR, the detected events are stored locally inside the storage unit, and sent to CCR when the connectivity resumes. The system helps to capture all the number plates under camera FOV, and undertake a checking if the vehicles were listed under categories like –‘Stolen’, ‘Wanted’, etc. Once such a vehicle is identified the system then sends the alert to CCR application and provides it the details of the location where the vehicle was detected.



The Intelligent Traffic Monitoring software has been installed at 15 locations in Indore. Specific studies have been carried out at the Lantern Junction on  4300 vehicles that have passed on a specific day during a certain interval of time. It was found that on an average 150 cases of Red Light Violations have been detected per hour between 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Vehicles that crossed the STOP LINE when the signal was  RED were included in the defaulters’ list. The system helped to identify 8 vehicles which were registered as ‘Stolen’ in the database. As a part of the study the vehicles were made to cross the junction at various hours of the study. The system succeeded in altering the CCR monitoring station as and when the vehicles were detected at the road junction. Furthermore, the system offered an interface for integration with a City Surveillance system. The cameras used for RLVD serves as part of the Unified RLVD-cumcity surveillance system, and all the ALERTs and Reports were available from the same user interface.



Location: Indore

End User: Superintendent of Police (HQ) Indore (M.P.)

Product: Intelligent Traffic Management System

Application: For generation of e-challans for the city of Indore with wireless connectivity or OFC connectivity




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