28 February 2020

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Interview- Dr Tinku Acharya (Videonetics)

We are the only company in th country offering fully made in India software solutions

Kolkata based Videonetics is a fast-growing pioneer in the Indian software domain catering to intelligent security and surveillance solutions. The company has already showcased its expertise in the country, USA and the Middle East. DR TINKU ACHARYA, FOUNDER & MD, VIDEONETICS, in a telephonic interaction with VEENA KURUP offers his views on the opportunities for software solution providers and his firm’s expertise in meeting market requirements.


Briefly tell us about your product offerings for ensuring intelligent safety and security? What are the key areas of application ?

In today's digital age, we are constantly bombarded with visuals from a plethora of devices every day. To make the most of this rich visual data, it is critical to develop the ability to make sense of these fleeting images, discern patterns, and get a clear understanding of their relevance. Only then can one generate information that is actionable for man or machine. This is where Videonetics comes in. Our technology is based on a solid foundation of ground-breaking intellectual property. Videonetics’ designs, develops and provides products such as Intelligent VMS integrated with video analytics software to power video surveillance systems. Apart from the video management and video analytic software solutions we also offer diverse products like face detection and recognition systems, red light violation detection solutions, retail business intelligence, Smart Van Surveillance Software and Video Précis technology. Our software applications have largely found application in a wide range of sectors like aviation and transportation, industrial complexes, retail outlets, commercial and residential buildings, hotels, educational institutions and power and petroleum projects.


What features makes your products and systems standout from the competition in the market?

Videonetics' enterprise-class integrated visual computing platform offers flexibility to scale up the system as and when required, while its 'core' remains the same. The platform is tightly integrated, yet modular, allowing vertical-specific plug-in applications like video analytics, intelligent traffic management, video précis, face detection and recognition, retail business intelligence, statistical analysis, and more. A rich, yet simple, set of APIs is available for seamless integration with third-party video processing systems, alert generators and access control modules, as well as hardware like traffic controllers, encoders, and other security devices. Videonetics' technology has been indigenously developed by considering the prevailing Indian infrastructure conditions and is successfully in operation at many critical installations in India and abroad. We are the only Indian company offering indigenously and fully made in India software solutions. This makes all our products cost effective and easy to manage.

Tell us about your key ongoing projects from the infrastructure domain in India served by Videonetics products?

Our software is presently being used at 73 airports across India. Our Red Light Violation Detection solutions are being used at Tiruvanandapuram, Kochi and Calicut. The entire city of Allahabad is run through our city surveillance systems. Similar surveillance systems are also offered to projects at Indore and Lucknow. We have also offered our solution to petroleum majors like Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, HPCL etc. Our software solutions are also offered for perimeter surveillance at numerous commercial and residential projects in India. Besides, we have also supported numerous international projects through our software solutions. Few of our global projects include the Capital Plaza Mall and Mushriff Mall in Abu Dhabi (UAE), a major USA based gateway box developer has licensed Videonetics technology to embed in its cloud computing gateway.


Video quality or image resolution is a vital element in video surveillance systems. How compatible are your products in ensuring quality content even in low light areas?

Our software solutions are designed, developed and manufactured strictly by considering the Indian requirements. The compatibility of our software solution gives the customer an ease in the installation process. Videonetics has moved ahead from the traditional motion based sensor technologies and offers intelligent video analytic solutions. Our software solutions enable to enhance the image captured through the camera and help the client in achieving a quality output. The analytics data, based on visual information processing, can be used to enhance operational excellence in shopping mall, retail stores, hospitals, finance and banking organisations, audit firms, as also in city surveillance, railways, traffic system and ports. However, maintaining a standard quality of camera is of vital importance while using such safety and surveillance systems.


What are the features incorporated in your products which makes them adaptable to mobile handheld devices and different operating systems? Are your products available on cloud platforms?

Our platform offers vendor-independent and technology-neutral solutions. Its unique capability to run on open source utilities and services (OS, browser, RDBMS, messaging services), offers customers’ to enjoy tremendous flexibility to optimally design the system, without being restricted by specific proprietary and vendor-driven constraints. The Intelligent Video Management System can be managed remotely at anytime and from anywhere, via a wired or wireless network. This could be done using any computing platform including mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, PDA, cell phone, laptop). Videonetics’ technology runs with any browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, Opera) since it is not dependent on any particular OS framework. Also, any networked desktop, laptop, server, and computing hardware can be used as an NVR with Videonetics Intelligent Video Management Software. The basic building blocks of Videonetics software are interconnected based on client-server architecture. This allows different modules to run on independent computers connected through a LAN, eliminating risk inherent in a single point of failure. Our platform conforms to ONVIF open platform standards, thereby supporting all leading camera and sensor manufacturers like Axis, Sony, Bosch, Pelco, Panasonic, Infinova, Samsung, Vivotek, Hikvision, Honeywell, JVC, LG, Cisco, Arecont Vision, Mobotix, D-Link, Toshiba, LevelOne, Sanan, Dahua, CP-Plus, GKB, Linin, DSC, American Dynamics, IQeye, Linksys, and many more. Furthermore, our software solutions are accessible and available in all cloud platforms.


How easy is your system to integrate into an existing project and what are the support services offered by your firm to meet this requirement?

We offer a modular and scalable design in our products. The architecture is scalable to augment newer application modules within the existing framework. The feature allows to easily replace the existing module with a new version. The number of cameras can be scaled from tens to thousands using our enterprise-class Intelligent VMS. This scalable and flexible feature in deployment offers great adaptability to customers’ existing workflow. We are the only company in Asia offering indigenous software that are fully developed in India. This enables us to customise the solutions as per customer requirements.

Though our software is flexible and feature-rich, a user may need further customisation for a specific application. It is also important to address cross-regional variations in infrastructure, environment, culture and demographics, especially in India. We are able to meet such varied needs easily since our solution is built indigenously, and also because we deploy domain experts with deep knowledge in image/video processing, computer vision, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence.

What are the common misconceptions found among the customers while opting for such security solutions? To what extent does cost influence the customer’s buying behaviour?

The safety and security systems market is being traditionally dominated by the camera manufacturers in India. A majority share in this market is withheld by international players. Due to this situation the Indian market is witnessing a large scale dumping of international goods. A major misconception being observed among the Indian customers is – the blind faith on quality over foreign products. The customer however needs to understand the importance of software in a security and surveillance systems. Software is the heart of the data provided. Also, the confidence on products which are fully of Indian origin needs to pick up.

India is a very price sensitive market. However, the changing mentality of customers towards quality has benefited players like us today. Being an Indian company, we have no foreign dependency on our product’s manufacturing processes. This has enabled us to remain cost effective without comprising quality and in meeting the customer requirements.

What is your outlook for such technically advanced products, especially in the context of the Smart Cities planned by the government?

The software market is witnessing an increasing competition from international players. While our Prime Minister is largely propagating and encouraging the ‘Make in India’ drive, the concept yet needs to be followed by Indian manufacturers. Initiatives like Smart Cities and smart infrastructure open immense opportunities for software manufacturers like us in India. However, we need to qualitatively educate the customers in understanding and accepting the benefits of such solutions. The market is highly untapped by Indian players and offers immense prospects.

Tell us about your company’s plan and prospects for 2015?

India today offers us immense growth opportunities. Owing to these evolving prospects we are very hopeful of establishing a majority market share in the coming years. We will be soon introducing audio analytic and noise analytic solutions for Indian customers. These solutions will help in monitoring and preventing crime incidents like the fatal attack we saw a few months ago on a woman at a an ATM centre in Bengaluru. The solutions can be applied to any type of projects.

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