27 February 2020

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Topps’ Solution


US based Topps Products Inc through its seamless rubber based technology has ensured leak free roofs.


“Energy savings on their own can be impressive, when the best performing roofing compounds are added…that’s when real savings are achieved,” is central to the belief system of Topps Products Inc, a manufacturer for integrated roof coatings and repair materials. Topps Coatings have successfully been in use for more than three decades protecting projects worldwide and even in harsh environments. From the pole’s northern most Greenland and Iceland, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, the Caribbean, Australia and Antarctica, Topps products have been supporting buildings to remain cool, covered and protected. The company’s unique product line for roofing applications include:

Topps Seal: The flagship product from Topps Products Inc, Topps Seal, is one among the most recognised protective maintenance roof coating materials in use across different continents and has served under different climatic conditions. The product’s high combined elongation and strength provides the all important extra capacity to endure challenging thermal changes. The water-free package prevents the product from washing off with premature light moisture and makes it an ideal choice for important installations among professional applicators.


The unique features offered are:

Superior Properties:  Extreme elongation, strength, bonding, moisture prevention and adhesive package

Energy Savings:  Meets Energy Star requirements for maximum savings – confirmed by CRRC certification

Cools roof: Deflects harmful UV rays and defends against future attacks. A cool roof protects the vulnerable top layer from weathering, helps in reducing future maintenance and extends the roof’s service life

Economical: Durable roof top maintenance with protection

Owing to its solar reflective features the product ensures minimal dependence on air conditioning utilities and thereby reduces the electricity costs of the end-customer

Ideally intended for commercial and industrial buildings.


RivetGuard: A product specifically designed for metal roofs, seals and caulks, it withstands thermal movements with changes in temperature. The specifically compounded man-made rubbers in the product help to elongate as per warm and cold environmental conditions. RivetGuard fills and forms all narrow metal and roof gaps short of requiring retrofit panels and/or mechanical closure. The product’s key benefits include:

All weather protection – From -40o to + 140o F

Built to seal – Gelled body allows more material as per the requirement

No Temporary Tapes/Gaps – The feature is achieved due to the 100 percent durability of rubber

Economic  and ease of  application – Can be applied by spray or by roofing brush

Ideally suitable for commercial and industrial projects


Polyprene: The product is 100 per cent rubber universal repair cement caulk which works with all roof types and also can be used to seal leaks inside of homes and buildings as well. Available in two grades, the product is ideal for all climatic situations and can be applied with a trowel, rubber gloves or heavy brush.  In addition, now it comes in cartridges so it can easily be applied around toilets, sinks, wherever leaks come from inside or outside. The heavily fibered high solids content prevents mud cracking making it ideal for pitch pans as well as to seal seams, cracks around vibrating rooftop equipment, skylights, vents, flashings and much more.  It never cracks, nor becomes brittle. The product’s unique qualities offered are:

Durable – Cures to a solid, long lasting and watertight seal which also acts as flexible cement

Resilient – Tolerates constant vibrations and all climatic conditions

Ease in usage – The product is delivered in the pre-mixed, ready to use form


Topps’ 100 per cent rubber roof materials are designed as stand-alone, one step compounds (no mixing required) to fix leakage problems and works hand-in-hand with the roof restoration coatings. The company which has already supplied its products to 35 countries across the globe serves Indian customers through its distributor, Global Enersol.




  • Affordable gutter leak protection solution
  • Extra protection at seams and rivets
  • Eliminates usage of temporary tapes
  • 100 per rubber durability
  • Economical and easy to apply


  • Protective metal and masonry wall coating
  • Offers 825 per cent ultimate elongation
  • Unsurpassed ability to tolerate thermal movement
  • Extremely low vapor permeability rate and enhance moisture resistance


  • Polymer technology based product for pothole repair for roads and pavements
  • Suitable to any weather or climatic conditions
  • Built-in primer
  • Can be applied even on wet surfaces and potholes need not be dry


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