27 February 2020


Modular furniture is an  essential pre move-in purchase for new home buyers

Bengaluru based CapriCoast.com is an online modular furnishing solutions provider. The company is focused on New Home Solutions, an industry that is ripe for disruption by the efficiency and transparency of an online-led business model. With the stated goal of redefining home solutions, and starting with modular furniture, CapriCoast provides a never before choice, value and customer buying experience.
JAWAD AYAZ, FOUNDER AND CEO, CAPRICOAST.COM offered CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES’ an understanding of the solutions offered by his firm in the interiors space. 


Give us an understanding of CapriCoast’s area of work in terms of home solutions and its raison d’etre?  

Modular furniture, more specifically Kitchens & Wardrobes, is the fastest growing segment in the $10 billion Indian furnishing industry. It has today become an essential pre move-in purchase for new home buyers. A purchase that today is largely fulfilled by the unorganised sector with a handful of Indian and International brands making inroads into this market.  CapriCoast.com, which is is an Accel Partners India venture is set to revolutionise home solution buying in India. With 1000’s of designs, our rich online catalog offers India’s widest range of kitchens and wardrobes, to suit any design inclination and every budget.


What are the products and solutions made available by CapriCoast?

From internationally inspired designs to snap-fit kitchens and wardrobes that are pre-designed to fit project-specific floor plans, from the compact and functional to the spacious and opulent, CapriCoast has them all. Our firm is focused on New Home Solutions, yet another industry that is ripe for disruption by the efficiency and transparency of an online model.  With the stated goal of redefining home solutions, and starting with modular furniture, CapriCoast will provide a never before choice, value and customer buying experience. Slick online customisation allows designs, colors and specifications to be compared and contrasted at the click of a button. And because of our obsession with price transparency, every design change also immediately reflects in the displayed price so the cost of your choices can be understood and evaluated in real time. At CapriCoast you will find none of the hidden costs or obfuscatory pricing that prevails in the industry. 


Give us a sense of the requirement of a platform such as CapriCoast? How does CapriCoast address the gaps in the industry? 

For a multitude of reasons the industry today delivers low customer value and a highly unsatisfying buying experience. 

Wasted weekends and a Long Design Cycle: The process of finalising interiors to fit a specific floor plan involves visiting multiple showrooms, having multiple discussions and design iterations that can easily span 60 days. At CC, we have designs tailor-made for specific project floor plans so the process of finalising the interiors can take as little as 60 minutes.

Limited Choice: Most kitchen dealers offer a limited range of design and price options requiring multiple showroom visits before finding the right design or price match. CC is by far the largest catalog of deliverable kitchen designs in India, offering designs that span all design genres and price points. Deep, contextual and thoughtful content on the site provides strong decision support and guides the customer’s kitchen buying process.  The UX developed after extensive customer research provides the ability to customise designs and compare and contrast choices at the click of the button.

Opaque Pricing: Obfuscated pricing with hidden costs creates a low-trust environment and makes vendor selection a laborious process of quote shopping. CC offers a choice of multiple vendors that can deliver at pre-negotiated, 100 per cent transparent prices.

High Prices: Too many middlemen between factory and customer (dealer, interior designer) create margin stacking and unnecessarily high customer prices. By providing free design services in-house and buying direct from the manufacturer, CC can deliver world class modular kitchens at prices that are 20-25 per cent lower than comparable offerings in the market.

Unreliable Delivery: Proliferation of small manufacturers and unorganised semi-skilled install workforce leads to low quality standards and unreliable delivery with unpredictable timelines. Through a stringent vetting process, CC ensures that it procures product only from manufacturers meeting the highest quality standards and install teams that are trained for a smooth on time delivery.


Tell us how your online platform has worked? How is CapriCoast.com set to redefine modular furniture buying in India?

Customers can select from 1000’s of designs and customise online in consultation with our inhouse team of design experts. Once a design is finalised, customers select a vendor from multiple choices based on criteria such as brand, proximity, price etc. In all cases price is 100 per cent transparent and pre-negotiated by CC. All vendor payments are made through CC who will ensure on-time, on-budget delivery. Demystifying, democratising and delight-filling the interior design process is our goal. Empowering customers with their own personal designer, providing a fun, engaging sales process, offering transparent and fair pricing and ensuring on-time, on-budget delivery is what sets CapriCoast apart. CapriCoast is today available in Bangalore with the aim of expanding to all 6 metros within a year. As far as business development is concerned we are in discussion with some well known real estate developers. We are in the process of tying up with all the leading kitchen furniture brands


What are the ongoing trends in the interiors design space?

Kitchens are becoming family rooms: More and more households today, are merging the dining and living areas into a unified space to entertain guests. Kitchen counters and islands are increasingly becoming dining areas and by removing the walls between the dining and living area, builders are able to enlarge the kitchen, create an open feel and provide a better layout and traffic flow of the kitchen that allows  a comfortable way for people to congregate and get the conversation flowing.

Clever usage of space: Space is a challenge when it comes to most apartment kitchen plans. A completely boxed up kitchen can make the space look even smaller. Lot of customers are hence opting for open shelves,  hooks and hangers for cutlery and towels and simple ways to hang the appliances tastefully or have them mounted on walls .

Marry the kitchen to your home style: Gone are the days when kitchens were just kitchens — now they are so pretty they could be any room of the house. More and more designers are integrating a seemless look by extending artwork and eclectic lights in kitchen area to extending the look of furniture and decor.

Automation: The kitchen of the future is in vogue. From sensor-activated lights that illuminate the kitchen only when it's in use to meat thermometers that alert the smartphone when dinner is done, kitchen technology is being used to make everyday life easier. A great introductory product is a hands-free faucet, perfect for homes with small children who can't yet reach the handle or any kitchen where busy cooks often have sticky hands.


Apart from Bengaluru which are the cities that are counted among urban settings with a fine sense of aesthetics, design and architecture?

Most certainly Delhi, Mumbai,, Chennai , Punjab and Pune are in that category. 


What are the factors that you have in mind when you offer your expertise to a project?

The condition of the site, existing décor and client’s budget are a few things that are considered while we initially start discussion about the project


Give us a sense of the current demand taste and preference? What are the factors that dictate choice?  Which are the important brands available that you recommend?

Modular kitchens are becoming a big trend in India. Factors such as increasing spending power of families, modern aesthetic sensibilities, and a rise in the number of working women has led to the popularity of modular kitchens which offer a clutter free, clean, and modern space for people to work. As Indian customers become more technology savvy, they are opting for new functionality in kitchens for better organisation and maximise kitchen storage. Whites and greys are becoming the most sought after colours as indian consumers move towards a more minimalist and contemporary look which is clean and clutterfree. The factors that dictate choice of the interiors is hugely the budget and overall decor and scheme of the house. Sleek, Johnson and Veneta cuicine are some of the brands that I would recommend.


To what extent does cost dictate spending on kitchen interiors?

Budgetary constraints are always a huge factor in deciding home interiors, particularly for the middle income segment. However, with households becoming increasingly double-incomed, kitchens becoming the equal playing field for men and women, increased use of futuristic and latest gadgets that provide convenience and the fact that kitchens are becoming spaces to entertain and network, people are willing to stretch themselves when it comes to spending on modular kitchens. As per our observation and interaction people are willing to set aside up to 5 per cent of their total house cost, towards interiors budget on kitchen and wardrobes.

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