09 July 2020

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A high performance waterproofing membrane launched by Supreme Industries will be a boon for the construction sector

Supreme Industries, which has been providing durable, cost effective and environment friendly products for the construction industry across the country for over six decades, offers the ‘DURA’ range of civil products that truly represents the word ‘durable.’ All the products manufactured by the company have been developed after strenuous interaction with experts in the field, studying current requirements and emerging trends to cater to the fast changing demand scenario in the sector. The company manufactures products in the most environment–friendly manner and constantly upgrades products to meet the current challenges and always recommends the best solutions. All of Supreme Industries’ products help in reducing consumption of available resources thereby serving the environmental cause.



Among its various innovative products, the Supreme Industries has added DURAmembrane, a new offering in the portfolio of competent and ‘DURAble’ products for the Construction Accessories Division. DURAmembrane is a new generation, cost effective solution for waterproofing of basements and roofs. It is a versatile material, capable of retaining the dryness of concrete, masonry, metal and wood structures. It is also resistant to salts, alkalis and various types of acids. In fact, the product is a high performance, composite polymeric membrane offering a quick and easy-to-apply system, thus ensuring hassle-free maximum productivity.

The company introduced the new product owing to a continuous demand from innumerable customers to develop waterproofing solutions to solve leakage problems in their factories and offices. They were not satisfied with the current waterproofing systems available in the market after which the company's research and development team started working full-fledged on the project to develop a composite of various polymers cross linked and fused resulting in this exclusive high performance membrane. The most striking advantage of the product is that it can be used in new construction and also at the time of repairing old structures.

The Supreme Industries, which is the only manufacturer of this type of waterproofing membrane in India, has planned to use DURAmembrane for applications including concrete roof waterproofing, basement waterproofing, water proofing of bathrooms, and terrace gardens.



DURAmembrane is a high performance composite polymeric membrane, which is durable, lightweight, non-deteriorating, puncture resistant, and is available in length stretching upto 50 meters. It is now crystal clear that bitumen disintegrates after contact with water and also catches fungi after which it starts melting during summer due to lessening of its puncture resistant strength. In contrast, DURAmembrane has a very good puncture resistance of 199 N (Test method - ASTM E154: 1999) and because it is polymer based, it won’t deteriorate. That apart, none of the waterproofing solution systems provide any added advantage except waterproofing whereas DURAmembrane is not only 100 per cent waterproof but also an excellent insulating material. Other treatments have a tendency to absorb moisture and conduct heat but DURAmembrane does not absorb water at all. Its ‘K’ value does not deteriorate because its inherent closed cell structure ensures truly effective thermal insulation and waterproofing for a life time.



Shortly after the onset of monsoons, problems like leakage and seepage in roofs, walls, basements, bathrooms both in commercial and residential buildings including factories, are a common feature. After every shower of rain, structures tend to expose their limitations and flaws. The monsoon rains, in fact, test buildings and reveal the defects that are not normally observed during sunny days. To avoid huge losses to the buildings and other structures, people increasingly pay attention to the leakage related problems prior to the next rains. As it is being the first of its kind concrete roof and basement waterproofing product, specially designed to withstand the hot and humid Indian conditions, DURAmembrane is a perfect blend to solve problems and avoid huge losses arising out of leakages to both individual and contractors. The entire construction industry in India will benefit because of the fact that the product will not only help them to overcome complex challenges, but also enhance their productivity and durability.


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