06 July 2020

Interview-Terence Dittrich (Spancrete)

Using precast from Spancrete can lead to up to 50% saving in construction costs

A global expert in manufacturing and supply of precast products, US firm Spancrete Global Services has joined hands with MAAD Construction Group to explore prospects in the Indian precast market. TERENCE W DITTRICH, GLOBAL SALES DIRECTOR, SPANCRETE GLOBAL SERVICES dilated on the takeaways in a  tête-à-tête with SHRIKANT RAO on the sidelines of an exhibition in Mumbai.


On Spancrete’s focus in the Indian market: We have been seeing in the last 2-3 years an improved awareness among project managers, engineers, consultants, developers, contractors and builders of the need to speed up construction using precast. We see them being challenged by labour availability, unsafe on-site working conditions and by quality control. So all of this is driving them towards precast and we think we are at the right place at the right time. Last year we supplied the plant to MAAD SP Group of Companies in Vasai. The plant is now operational and they will be getting ready to install hollow core slabs to their nearby project in the next 30 days. This large multi-storey residential project will require about 2 million sq ft of hollow core slabs every year for the next five years. The Vasai plant was set up mainly to serve the construction projects of the MAAD Group in the general vicinity. It is a mega initiative.


On precast requirements for the Indian market: The projects we have been seeing in the country are of very high volumes. Our equipment is particularly suited to execute high production volumes with 24/7 operational hours, high quality and durability. The advantage of our plants is that they can be set up as either indoor or outdoor sites with minimal civil works. They are also tailored towards a more simplistic production process which makes it easier for the local labour to adapt to. It is not a complex machine system but is capable of meeting high volume requirements and guarantees utmost durability. Our machines systems are capable of producing high end hollow core floor slabs, wall panels and other precast elements to meet the requirements of diverse structures like low and high rise residential and commercial buildings, sports complexes, educational facilities, industrial centres etc.


On the areas of opportunities Spancrete is looking forward to tap: We see that developers and general contractors need this product urgently and for high volumes projects. Secondly we see EWS or affordable housing programs being launched not only by the national government but also by the states. We see a lot of business opportunities across India from the residential housing segment. We have met with numerous developers and builders, analysed and calculated the per sq m cost that they are paying now for traditional methods. In general, we are finding our Spancrete hollow core precast slightly under traditional construction methods in terms of the basic material cost. Because we are able to erect or install our products 50 per cent faster (typically 1000 m2 per 8 hours per crew) there is a huge cost saving when you take into consideration the reduction in actual construction time and the whole lifecycle cost of the building in terms of maintenance. Also on the job site there is minimum labour involvement as against traditional methods. It also helps in adding job site safety and in maintaining quality control. There is now a unique demand trend witnessed in India which is that of developers and contractors wanting to own these plants so that they can control the schedule of production and monitor the quality and management of the project process. Apart from the MAAD Group of Companies, we have also been talking to players like L&T, Shapoorji Pallonji, TATA, JMC and many more.
We are exploring our client base here in India. In general what we see is that precast is becoming much more understood by engineers, technical community, consultants, general contractors and the developer community. With our site planning opening in India, the platform is perfect for us to showcase testimonies of the buildings going up. Going forward we are also looking at other areas beyond Vasai.

We have great interest in cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Jaipur where there will be continued residential and commercial growth along with the EWS type programs. We are in contact with general contractors who are bidding for such projects where precast is the apt choice. We will be of course looking to engage with different players in the coming years.


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