11 August 2020

Company Profile- RAK Ceramics

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The world’s largest ceramics manufacturer employs technology to create products which adhere to green objectives

RAK Ceramics is the most trusted brand in for tiles, bathware and faucets across the globe and is well known as a trendsetter in the tile industry. A global powerhouse, RAK Ceramics drives for excellence and an insatiable appetite for quality and customer satisaction. The `800 crore RAK Ceramics India Pvt. Ltd one of the topmost manufacturers of ceramic and vitrified tiles also produces sanitaryware at its plant in Samalkot in Andhra Pradesh. 

With its emphasis on green and sustainability the company has introduced the following products in its collection recently.  



RAK Serene is a collection of ceramic wall concepts that finds its muse in natural stone. These are digital ceramic wall tiles with exquisite designs in high gloss polished finish.  The Serene collection is available in a unique panoramic size of 250 x 750 mm with 12 concepts.



This collection draws inspiration from nature and its many aspects. The Nanopix series in the imposing 1000 x 1000 mm size gives nature-inspired design the grandiose laden canvas that it rightfully deserves. In this collection RAK Ceramics has launched 16 new designs in polish and satin, which are marble based designs to give natural look to floors. Every tile in this collection is created using the revolutionary Glazed Vitrification Technology which means they are digitally recreated designs which are glazed to nothing short of perfection. Since Nanopix GVT Series are vitrified, they ensure that they stay inspiring forever and for always.



RAK Ceramics offers a range of choices in wall hungs, water closets, bowls and counters and bathroom vanities. “Much like our tiles, our bathware products speak for itself; inspired by ingenious ideas all over the globe, the range is sure to leave you fascinated with its design and efficiency”, says Rajeev Singh, President RAK Ceramics India.

Each and every piece is meticulously crafted to let users indulge in luxury with its precision, function and water efficiency designs.



RAK Ceramics has also added another feather to its cap by launching a new range of vitrified wall tiles, Verve by Styler Grande in size 298 x 1198 mm. This new range is an extension to the RAK Styler Grande range of wall tiles in size 450 x 900 mm which was highly appreciated in metros and towns alike for past several years.  Verve by Styler Grande Collection consists of vitrified wall tiles with its highlighters having third firing effect to add unique punch effects like emboss or luster. The collection comes in a versatile size of 298 x 1198 mm which has been retained by the company seeing the application flexibility enabled by this size. Also the tiles manufactured ensure that every curve and corner is covered to give a seamless look upon laying the tiles. “The sheer spunk in design, the intensity in patterns, the vivacity of colors, the flexibility in its size will make you run out of reasons to admire this collection, also this concepts ensures energy and exuberance on the walls,” says Singh.


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