19 January 2020

Interview- CM Venugopalan (Bosch Ltd)

Bosch plans to be an energy partner for its clients

Upholding its motto of energy efficiency, Bosch India through its Energy and Building Solutions (BEBS) vertical offers end-to-end solutions for the engineering and construction sectors. CM VENUGOPALAN, SALES DIRECTOR, BOSCH LTD responds to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES’ queries on the role of his company  in meeting such market requirements.


Give us an understanding of the contribution of Bosch’s Energy and Building Solution towards sustainable construction?

Bosch provides comprehensive renewable and energy efficient solutions for buildings, offices, malls, hospitals, hotels and educational institutions. The solutions have contributed towards reducing energy costs and carbon footprint, ultimately resulting in responsible energy consumption. In the renewable energy portfolio, Bosch’s expertise lies in providing solar PV and solar thermal solutions. In solar PV, we offer both stand alone as well as grid tied solutions as per the ESCO model depending on client requirements. In addition, to reduce the dependencies on conventional energy in buildings, we offer diverse solutions using solar PV with rooftop and carport structures. Bosch also provides a comprehensive range of energy efficient solutions for green buildings which includes integrated heating and cooling systems through heat pumps and the patented CLIMOTION technology for HVAC systems. The customised air and water sourced heat pumps eliminate the dependency on conventional hot water systems for buildings, whereas chilled water reduces the existing chiller loads. These systems are 3-4 times more efficient than the conventional systems and are also efficient in achieving upto a 50-60 per cent reduction in the energy costs, accruing to the consumer. A unique feature of our CLIMOTION technology is its ability to improve the temperature stratification and air quality of the system by enhancing the comfort level in the room due to optimisation of cooling demand side management. The technology contributes to improving the overall efficiency of the system by 30-40 per cent. Besides, we also offer energy management systems which can capture real time data of the energy consumed by the equipment in the buildings and thereby assist our customers in energy optimisation and management.


Could you name the key green building projects you have been associated and the specific benefits accrued to your clients?

Though most of our solutions contribute to attaining the best green ratings for building structures, our products are not just focused on green buildings. We have implemented various types of solutions for numerous projects across the country. One of the major projects for solar water heaters has been at Novotel in Bengaluru, which was funded by DENA – a German energy agency under its renewable energy initiative. The system helped in reducing the heating load on the conventional water heating systems by more than 50 per cent. Apart from this, we have also supplied our CLIMOTION technology to an MNC based in Bengaluru, which has led to savings of 30-40 per cent in energy costs.


Briefly share few details about your manufacturing unit in India?

We have a manufacturing unit in Bengaluru for our solar water heater system. The unit manufactures both flat plate as well as evacuated tube type systems. We look to incorporate and maintain utmost energy efficient standards in all our products and services. With developments in the market, we evaluate our investments from time to time. As a company, we are committed to the growth of renewable energy and encourage the implementation of energy efficient solutions. 


Tell us about the company’s plan for 2015 and new products expected to be launched? 

The market trend suggests that the clients now look forward to achieving efficiency in the overall lifecycle of the building rather than just short term benefits. This justifies the higher costs associated with the energy efficient solutions. We foresee the need to minimise operational cost, which is one of the major expenditures incurred by any building facility and the need to reduce carbon footprints to emerge as the key growth drivers for energy efficient products and technologies. Based on these aspects, Bosch plans to be an energy partner for clients. This will allow our clients to focus on their core business and competencies while we manage their energy requirements. We are also planning to introduce Building Integrated Photovoltaic solutions (BIPV) and integrated Building Management Systems (BMS) this year. Both these products will improve the operational performance of energy consuming equipment.

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