25 January 2020


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Paints major Kansai Nerolac has introduced colours for 2015 based on existing consumer trends


Change is constant. People change and evolve constantly depending on the exposure, knowledge and lifestyle they lead. These factors give birth to perceptions by consumers and tend to develop trends around them. Colour Trends 2015 by Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd revolve around the same aspect and offer fresh perspectives to ultimately realise customer’s changing needs as per changing environments.


Keeping this in mind and in collaboration with eminent colour experts on board, Kansai Nerolac visualised the evolutional needs of consumers that begins with space, technology and colours. The paints company has brought to the fore Colour Trends 2015, embodying a unique approach to design this year.


How did the Kansai Nerolac Colour Trends 2015 come into being?

Nerolac has kept an open eye towards current behavior of consumers and designed colour themes around it. Using an intricately structured methodology, the trends for this year were based on the ever evolving lifestyle of the Indian consumer. Kansai Nerolac has been an innovative and ever evolving brand that brings across fresh ideas each year. When consumers looked for colours for each spatial dimensions, Nerolac introduced Colour Trends based on Vaastu, and when colors went digital Nerolac launched an app enabling consumers to select colors, when colors evolved around spiritual awareness, Nerolac released Colour Trends on Chakras last year that highlighted the healing relation that colours have;


As homeowners look towards positively influencing their lives, Nerolac’s Colour Trends revolve around four emerging directions namely natural, spatial, identity and social, all inspired by one larger idea of an evolving lifestyle.

Each theme is an indication of newer needs and perspectives of customers, hence, Nerolac arrived at five trends for the year – Progressive Identity, Blurring Boundaries, Lush, Raw, and Shared Spaces. With these trends, Nerolac Colour Trends 2015 brings together a consortium of the most exotic colours and their combinations that represent this new, emerging India.

“Kansai Nerolac has always strived to bring insights-driven innovations and products to enhance our customer’s experience. Our Colour Trends 2015 is an endeavor to stimulate our customers with fresh perspectives to ultimately realize their changing needs as per changing environments. The 2015 Colour Trends revolve around four emerging directions namely natural, spatial, identity and social. With the emerging trend of digitalisation, collaboration, and experimentation, we noticed a prominent change in customer lifestyles. We believe this compilation will help you to keep up with your evolving lifestyle at different junctures,” says Yatnesh Pandey, Chief Marketing Manager, Kansai Nerolac.

Kansai Nerolac Colour Trends 2015 bring a synthesised view of ideas which will influence interior designing styles for this year and the near future. The world has become an even smaller space than before, thanks to the evolving lifestyles and technology seeping through deep into our lives. There’s a constant barter of culture and tradition between places and generations. Consumers are becoming more experimental, enjoying diversity, constantly innovating and collaborating, yet remaining rooted and in constant search for originality. To keep up with the fast pace, ever-changing environment, they can now choose a colour scheme around evolving lifestyles for their homes this year. This particular approach towards designing and painting homes will be a reflection of versatility and will lay greater emphasis on breaking monotony of life, recreating a more personal space, while remaining connected. 



Progressive Identity

Progressive Identity trend portrays a beautiful blend of shades and colours that expresses individualism with an ethnic touch. This theme celebrates the uniqueness of individuals with radiant colours like rich reds, crisp cobalt blue and white and earthy deep tones.


Raw focuses on materials that find inspiration in the primeval form signifying the earthy, rough and undone, yet a sophisticated collection of textures and shades that brings out the most original, authentic and luxurious side. With its powdered neutrals, mid-tone materials and darker backdrops, this theme by Kansai Nerolac perfectly brings together a sense of sophistication and style.


Green initiatives, sustainable practices in home design have become an underlying basis of designing our spaces. Individuals are seeking a restorative calm and signs of life within their homes, by surrounding themselves with nature. Lush represents refreshment, revitalization, earth and life. It signifies purity, nature and harmony to bring out the ‘fresh’ in our lifestyles. The colour palette for this theme is woodsy with lush greens.

Blurring Boundaries

Blurring Boundaries recognises Indians who take pride in their cultural foundations and flaunt them proudly. Kansai Nerolac has compiled a collection of colour palettes to serve this section of consumer in a way acceptable as the ‘desi cool’. With new expressions and a fresh impetus, this theme is a perfect blend of rich traditional Indian patterns and a fresh bright pastel palette. It presents the best of both worlds with the right mix of pastels with whites, graded cool and warm tones and deep colour ombré.

Shared Spaces

Today we are observing an ease of collaboration and an optimisation of space, a trend that is propelled by economic conditions driving a startup mind set. Shared Spaces simplifies the idea of collaboration, innovation and navigation - all in one! The multi-functionality theme of shared spaces includes a unique blend of black-and-white and pop, with bold graphic call outs and dark grounds with colour accents.


Colour of the Year: Wild Berries

Wild Berries is a variant of terracotta which is a careful selection and representation of something that is inherently Indian. At the same time it also reflects a nurturing, robust and rich colour. While this colour is grounded in our culture, be it the red soil of the Western Ghats, traditional Indian pottery or the sloping roofs in the South of India, it also emanates a sophisticated and natural earthiness. In today’s times, with the whole world being fixated to their ‘screens’ and technology, the Indian consumer is now going back to feeling the need of earthiness and being close to nature. There is a trend to now connect more and more with nature, trusting in it to break the monotony of life. With a view to rewind from the fast pace of life, this shade is an impression of warmth, values and richness that reminds us of our roots. The beauty of this shade is it’s interchangeability of interiors with exteriors and its authentic feel makes it the preferred shade of the year. Wild Berries is a mid-tone that will work well with all the colour themes, as an accent Raw and the greens of Lush, as a story teller in Progressive Identity, as a connector in Shared Spaces and as a backdrop for Blurring Boundaries.

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