29 May 2020

Company Profile- Nadhi

Growth Pulse

Nadhi Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, which offers effective construction information supply chain management solutions for India’s construction sector, is looking to expand globally.

The journey of Nadhi Information Technologies Pvt Ltd started in 2008 with a core idea to introduce the construction industry to a manufacturing style supply chain thinking mode in both the spheres of technology and business processes. Incubated from the IIT Madras Research Park, Nadhi is a software and solutions company developing analytics and decision support solutions for construction supply chains. Nadhi is also the Chennai hub of the Institute for Lean Construction Excellence – a pan India industry body dedicated to create awareness and spread the knowledge of lean construction practicesin the country.
A new paradigm was introduced by Nadhi through its flagship product nPulse™ to manage the flow of information among its stakeholders. nPulse™ is a full-fledged online and on-site enterprise construction information supply chain management application.Through its analytics based decision support and in built alert management system, nPulse™ has transformed project planning and execution process from a reactive to a proactive approach. The system has evolved as an apt solution to address the delays in project execution due to the lack of effective information management and also assist in developing a collaborative construction environment. The solution is today deployed in a wide range of sectors like commercial and residential real estate projects, as well as infrastructure projects like power plants, bridges, roads etc.
The key features offered through nPulse™ solution are:
Learn from past performance– Assess performance of processes and stakeholders based on past performance and avoid potential future pitfalls through predictive analytics and KPI indicators
Provide what-if scenarios – Wholistic assessment to analyse the impact of (in)decisions for proactive next steps
Integrate information – Integrate data silos across project functions making stakeholders understand the interconnected impact
Generate reports and dashboards – System generated MIS reports diving into the details and dashboards highlighting key metrics and risks
Mobile enabled – Get ‘real time’ notifications and update status and progress using smartphone apps, SMS and/or E-mail
The solution has the ability to fully utilise the power of internet and mobile telephony to improve overall execution purposes. The system enables to centralise information accumulated from stakeholders involved in different stages of project execution. The information so accumulated is maintained throughout the entire lifecycle of project and provides plug-n-play connectivity to extract information from their existing legacy systems. One of the unique value propositions of nPulse™ is its proprietary analytics engine that, based on project historical data trends on documents, issues, material issue, and labour productivity, provides lead indicators as alerts into potential future missteps on schedule milestones. All the project stakeholders can collaborate on the solution using web browsers, mobile applications, or even SMS.
Nadhi through its nPulse™ solution has today evolved as a prime solution to realising operational efficiency on delivery of construction projects. Clients are increasing realizing that their ERP systems are not getting utilized because a lot of information required for key decision making is not available in the ERP. While ERP provides good financial control, it isnot able to provide planning and operational control. But with nPulse, they are now able to gain more visibility into their processes, better control their projects, and get better utilization of their investments in ERP. The software solution provider’s clients include SPCL, Afcons, L&T, EDAC Engineering on the contractors side and owners like Tata Realty & Infrastructure, Allied Housing & Development, Livia Spaces and TCS. “Early signals are that even the large international players are able to relate to the value proposition offered by nPulse™ solution and are willing to giving us opportunities for exploring pilot engagements,” avers Kalyanaraman Vaidyanathan, Co-Founder & CEO, Nadhi Information Technologies Pvt Ltd. Apart from its growing presence among the players involved in the Indian construction domain, the firm also looks forth to expand its reach in South East Asia, Middle East and the US markets.

For more details contact:
Email: info@nadhi.in
Website: www.nadhi.in


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