26 May 2020

Interview- Jayant Rajan (Armacell India)

A large number of our products are involved in success stories

The Pune based Armacell is a manufacturer of engineered foams and the world leader in the market for flexible technical insulation materials. JAYANT RAJAN, General Manager-India & South Asia, ARMACELL INDIA responded to queries from CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on the role played by his company in the country’s insulations space



On the products manufactured by your firm: We make special insulation which is used primarily for lower temperature application – below ambient and above ambient as well. Our temperature range can go up to -200°C, which is really low, to +150°C. So that gives us advantages in air conditioning, refrigeration and low temperature application. Our technology itself is foamed rubber for insulation applications, a technology which Armacell developed in 1954 and which has been used by many over a period of time since then. The key for any insulation material is to have the right balance of low thermal conductivity which enables good energy efficiency.  Another aspect of the products is good fire behaviour, because it is the mechanical and electrical services which are common throughout the building. In India there is no government mandate on fire itself but many private companies, on their own, have very strong requirements on fire and that focus enables us to offer high quality products to these customers so that people in their facilities really feel safe. If you see campuses of IT companies, they have very high people density with thousands of people concentrated in a small area. A fire outbreak there would be disastrous for anyone of them. Against that background the kind of products which they select need to have high fire resistance and that is where we come into picture.  We also offer acoustic products which are again made from rubber. Our acoustic solutions are very efficient in terms of noise absorption and noise barriers and are used globally by TV channel companies in their studios, the Reliance studios, the Big Cinemas; they are also used at Terminal 3 in New Delhi. I also understand that they are used by well-known personalities in their home theatres and by several celebrities from the film industry. Apart from commercial buildings they are actively used in niche applications because they are extremely reliable and efficient. The product we have in the market in the acoustic segment is ArmaSound.


On the long-term benefits of your products: Insulation in HVAC application is extremely important with respect to utility for the structure and its effect on the structure. Major areas of concern for the HVAC system are condensation, loss of energy through thermal bridging, indoor air quality and fire concern. By installing effective insulation products, the longevity of the HVAC system is ensured along with safety for the entire structure. For example, Armacell products like Class O Armaflex with its closed cell structure ensure that effective condensation control is achieved upon installation which helps in advancing the life of the HVAC system. Also products like Armafix pipe supports ensure that there is no thermal bridging at support points, which are prone to condensation, thus ensuring seamless insulation throughout the system resulting in overall savings on power usage in the HVAC system. For indoor air quality, our products viz. Class O Armaflex Plus and ArmaSound Super Silence Ductliner with Microban® (in-built anti-microbial, anti-mould protection) help in bettering the indoor air quality for a healthier room atmosphere.


On manufacturing units and future plans: Armacell has 19 production plants in 13 countries and over four continents, with a turnover of approximately ¤475 million. Our plant at Pune is made as per the latest state of the art technology coupled with latest German foaming expertise to offer the highest efficiency rubber insulation products with improved long term properties.


On projects where our products have been utilised: In India, we have had a number of success stories wherein our products have been installed and have proved extremely effective. A few of those include: Grand Hyatt (Mumbai and Goa), JW Marriott (Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Shillong), ITC Grand Chola (Chennai), Radisson (Delhi), Ford Motors (Sanand Plant, Gujarat), Volkswagen (Pune), Tata Consultancy Services (Gandhinagar, Chennai, Bhubaneshwar and Kolkata), Infosys (Pune, Bengaluru and Mysore), T-2 IGI Airport (Delhi), Reliance Adlabs Film Studio (Mumbai) among others. Future growth opportunities will come from B and C Tier cities as developmental activities have already caught up or catching up pretty fast.


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Armacel is the best product among Insulation.

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