03 June 2020

Company Profile- MAAD Construction

Powering precast


A global expert in manufacturing and supply precast products Spancrete Global Services has joined hands with MAAD Construction Group to explore the Indian precast market.


Aiming to maximise the potential of its business in India, precast major Spancrete has joined hands with MAAD Construction Group to establish its precast plant in Mumbai. The new facility involves a Spancrete GT-120 Hollow Core Production Machine System and other formcast equipment capable of supplying high volume slabs and wall panels. The facility will use its maximum capacity to serve residential projects at adjacent localities. Through the unit, Spancrete will deliver its slabs to meet  flooring requirements of  14-24 storied buildings. The projects are expected to require Spancrete products in excess of 200,000 m2 per year for the next five years to achieve completion.


“India has always been a growth market for Spancrete’s growth operations. We are seeing immense potential for precast products and technologies,” expressed Terence W Dittrich, Global Sales Director, Spancrete Global Services. The company aims to work closely with the engineering community, developers and contractors in India in order to educate them as well as spread the awareness on utilisation of precast technologies.


MAAD Building Innovations Pvt Ltd will be using Spancrete products at its projects located in Vasai and Nallasopara in Mumbai’s suburbs. Commercial, industrial and warehousing segments according to the company will be the key drivers for these innovative precast technical solutions. “We will be utilising these products at MAAD projects and will be also supplying these products to our potential customers. For instance, we have been getting enquiries on the benefits of utilising this technology from several local developers,” said Kirit Patel, Director, MAAD Building Innovations Pvt Ltd.


 Spancrete powered precast products are also expected to support the construction industry in addressing growing concerns of time, labour and the costs attached with it. The products are expected to enhance the strength, durability and efficiency of various housing projects being executed by the MAAD Group. Commenting on the uniqueness and benefits associated through the utilisation of Spancrete technology, Arvind Singh, Director, MAAD Mines & Minerals said, “For instance, if a regular building takes 18 months to complete construction, the structure built using Spancrete technology will require only 9 months to complete its operation.”


Spancrete is a manufacturer of high quality, reliable Spancrete Production Systems and supplies both 4’/ 1.2 m and 8’/ 2.4 m wide Spancrete® Brand hollowcore products. The standard thickness range of the product varies from 4”/10cm to 16”/40cm and with the same machine a producer has the ability to produce hollowcore floor/roof slabs as well as insulated/non-insulated hollowcore wall panels with a variety of textured finishes.

Spancrete will also provide total customer support and services and full line of turnkey precast solutions. Spancrete engineers, production supervisors, machine operators and installation technicians are all available to provide recommendations and solutions to resolve a wide range of technical or operations questions or challenges.

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