03 June 2020

Company Profile- Ispat Infrastructure

Mark of success

Ispat Infrastructure India Ltd, a key player in the CE sector, has had a very productive outing at bC India 2014. 


India shares about 1/6th of the world’s total population but we haven’t achieved even 20 per cent of the housing and infrastructure needs a country of this population deserves. This clearly defines a significant potential that exists both in housing and infrastructure, waiting to be tapped. The ongoing political aggression that is pro-development presents an optimistic outlook that should enable a good number of projects and see their fruition in the near future.


India is a price sensitive market and till date monument marvels have been constructed here using conventional means without the use of advanced technology. The advent of technology with the right pricing is important and only those global players who can understand the economic consciousness of this region and deliver both, methods and machines that directly compliment the reduction of timelines and manpower would be able to play the ongoing innings in the current market pitch.


Bauma internationally stands tall as THE BRAND and THE NAME for construction equipment expos. Though, bC India has been scaling up its presence and there is increasing participation since the time of its inception in India, it still has a long way to go to achieve the international grace and clout in the construction market as that of its other international expos.


As far as Ispat is concerned, in spite of the sluggish trend in the economy, we have had 5 stalls at the bC India Expo 2014, at Greater Noida, with all our principals present. They interacted with the company’s clients and customers and obtained a feel of the range of products offered along with the assurance of both excellent product quality and equally competent services provided nationwide. The key attraction at our stalls was the presence of our principals in person thus underlining our commitment to the Indian market. An example of that is the fact that we have been promoting Icaro Italian machines since 20 years now and we are still the leaders in the market in terms of quality and after sales service.


We cater to two major horizons of the construction industry, viz. vertical logistics and reinforcement solutions. Some of the products we showcased were


Vertical Logistics:

  • Men & Material hoists
  • Mast climbing work platforms
  • Rope suspended platforms
  • Building Maintenance Units, etc.


Reinforcement Solutions:

  • Automatic rebar cutting, bending, shaping machines
  • Manual rebarcutting, bending, shaping machines


We cannot directly claim all our products to be new but we can certainly reserve the claim that some of our products are innovative with state-of-the-art technologies in their own capacity. Most people in the industry are unaware of the salient features and productivity capabilities of these products, also the fact that we have always been introducing equipments and concepts suitable to the market and with an eye on the future. In the past we have been pioneers in bringing most of the equipment to India. The advantages of safety and efficiency along with excellent quality are the trademarks of the equipment we supply and today many brands have copied the equipment brought by us for the first time in India which makes us feel proud that our efforts have paid off.


For more details contact:

Email: sales@iiipl.in

Website: www.iiipl.in


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