29 May 2020

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Smart Bricks


Sustainability and durability are the key driving mantras in today’s world of construction. The construction of sustainable structures however depends on the utilisation of efficient raw materials. Creating a benchmark in the construction process is Wienerberger, an Austrian brick manufacturer, through its launch of the Smart Brick Solutions for Indian customers. The product ensures that issues like delay in project execution due to non-availability of sand, water and skilled manpower are addressed. The bricks, which are the strongest of its kind in-fill masonry products, also provide thermal insulation, are 100 per cent natural and light in weight as against conventional alternatives. 


Under the Smart Brick Category, Wienerberger offers four variants. These include:


Porotherm  Horizontally Perforated (HP) Clay Bricks:


The flagship product of Wienerberger in India, the Smart Clay Brick is a technologically advanced walling material designed for all building formats (multi storey buildings, individual houses, large apartment, villas, educational institutes, hospitals, hotels and commercial complexes. Porotherm bricks are environmentally friendly, cost effective and easy to handle. The clay used for production is sourced from de-silting of dead water tanks and only natural additives like coal ash, rice husk and saw dust are used. Listed by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) in the ‘Green Product Category’ under energy efficient products, only material with recycled content and local material is used for the manufacturing process. Porotherm HP is also rated by GRIHA, Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment. The product also offers excellent thermal insulation which is 45 per cent higher than conventional walling material. This leads to direct savings in energy consumed through air conditioning and heating devices. In addition, the product is fire-resistant as it is fired at 1000 degrees and has a fire rating of F240 for 240 minutes for 200 mm thickness.



Porotherm Vertically Perforated (VP) Tongue & Groove (VP T&G) + Dryfix.System:

Porotherm Vertically Perforated Tongue and Groove (VP T&G) is a latest addition to the Porotherm Smart Bricks range. VP T&G takes masonry construction to a whole new level, being the strongest, non-load bearing walling material in the market, and is 100 per cent natural. With the endeavour to bring product innovation and smart technology in construction, Wienerberger created Porotherm VP T&G unlike Portherm HP, which can be used with conventional sand cement mortar, VP T&G comes with the revolutionary construction glue (Dry Mortar) Dryfix.System. The Dryfix.System  to be specifically used with VP T&G bricks  is a quick-fix adhesive system that does away  with the conventional mortar practices, enabling faster construction and significant cost savings. The high compressive bricks (≥7 N/mm2) ensures strong and sturdy walls and requires no curing for post wall construction.



Porotherm Vertically Perforated load bearing bricks:

A hallmark of design and ingenuity when it comes to cost effective, safe and green construction practices, this new age wall solution helps to save steel and concrete expenditures as it allows buildings to be constructed without RCC frame structures. The product is ideal for up to ground + 3 floor structures, is robust and 100 per cent natural with Thermal insulation property promoting comfortable indoor climate throughout the year. The load bearing ability of the product enables to save the structural cost as the concept eliminates the usage of columns.


Porotherm Thermobrick:

The walling material assures to make the interiors cool in summer and warm in winter. Specially formulated insulating material (Rock Wool) gives it a ‘U’ Value* of 0.6 W/m²K , which results in superior thermal insulation that greatly improves the indoor comfort of the building. The product also eliminates the cost of installing external insulation, cavity walls with external insulating membranes and reduces use of cooling devices such as A/C in hot climate and heaters during the cold climate. It also contributes to substantial savings on structural cost due to reduction in dead load.

‘U’ Value: 0.6 W/m2K :‘U’ Value: 0.6 W/m2K makes Porotherm Thermobrick the best available energy efficient brick in the market. Wienerberger through its new range of products is optimistic in refining the pace of construction for building a smarter tomorrow.

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