27 February 2020

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Avant garde

The German flooring manufacturer has its eyes set on 20 per cent of Indian market over the next five years


Flooring has evolved and emerged as a niche sector in India. Customers’ preference is now shifting towards creating beautiful flooring for their premises, with innovative materials playing a key environmental role in the design and lifecycle of the product. While the market for innovative flooring solutions is up across different sectors, the most growth is seen in the residential sector. The demands of the flooring sector and of smart cities of today require cutting-edge technologies that not only meet everyday challenges such as waterproofing, durability, resistance to insects and bacteria, but are required to combat global challenges such as carbon footprint reduction, lower utility and energy consumption as well as improved recyclability.


Avant Holding GmbH, a leading German company which produces high quality construction and interior products for commercial and domestic sectors, is eyeing India as a key market of high strategic importance for its flooring solutions. The organisation has built a worldwide reputation for manufacturing and distributing award-winning, high quality, composite and fully sustainable line of products including Avant flooring, roofing, wall panels and ceilings.


The company manufactures a growing line of products – Flooring, Roofing, Wall Paneling and Ceiling –  all under the ‘Avant’ brand name to cater to commercial and domestic sectors alike. Available in more than 20 countries, the avant-garde products have been a global success; owing to its high-quality and focus on sustainability. Prestigious brands and projects across India have been using Avant Flooring solutions due to its holistic range of features such as beautiful aesthetics and comfortable feel, waterproofing capabilities, energy saving functionalities and long last durability. Avant products are reusable, extremely durable and incredibly easy to install and maintain.


Avant’s energy-efficient products are manufactured with composite technology, cutting-edge materials and elegant designs, while conserving the planet earth. Avant caters to different industry sectors – residential, commercial, corporate, retail, hospitality, transport and marine. Avant’s strong flooring panels can withstand the pressures of foot traffic at hotels, airports, shopping malls, office buildings and indoor stadiums. The flooring’s zero absorption properties reduces air conditioner load, saving 25 per cent of electricity use and resulting in lower carbon emissions. Avant Flooring is arguably the only product of its kind in the market which comes with a comprehensive 20 year warranty.



Seeking potential opportunities for revenue growth, the company is currently on course to capture 20 to 30 per cent of flooring market share in India over the next five years. Avant Holding has already strengthened its presence across markets across India though the distribution and sales network of its Indian Joint Venture partner NCC Urban, a subsidiary of Hyderabad based NCC Ltd., a leading real estate developer with many world class residential and commercial projects across Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kochi and Dubai. 

Ergo, with the demand for Avant products continuously increasing from both the retail and projects sectors, the company has now made available its entire product range across all states within India.  Commenting on the reach of Avant products in the Indian market, Antonio Varghese, Chairman and CEO, Avant Holding is led to say, “We are witnessing an increasing demand within India for smart construction technologies that are both sustainable and aesthetically beautiful.” 



NR Alluri, Managing Director, NCC Urban, is gung ho about the potential market for the products in the country, “India is a big market for Avant. Flooring products witness phenomenal demand here as a number of new real estate projects mainly residential, hospitality and retail projects are being launched across the country. The demand has gone up over the last year, as several construction projects are expected to be completed by the end of this year.”

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