07 August 2020

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Bonding for the best


Mumbai based SP Waterproofing has emerged as a company with great potential in the waterproofing industry. Started in 2002, the family owned business has achieved growth within a short time span.  Unlike any other construction chemicals company,


S P Waterproofing is involved in selling and marketing its own product and has not opted for the franchise route.


“We are continuously concentrating on our product sales through a personalised approach.  Over a period we have realised that two-thirds of our total business comes to us only by person-to-person recommendation or from previous customers and also from the media,” trills PN Gala, Proprietor, S P Waterproofing.


In the past 10 years the company has developed a strong business foothold in Mumbai and its surroundings and other parts of Maharashtra.


In order to expand its reach the company has opted for various strategies which include:


Multiple solutions for every problem: The company has full line of interior and exterior methods that enables to select the most practical and permanent solutions for leakage or seepage problems. The company does not believe in offering a one-size-fits-all solution.


Reliable and professional service: The team shows up for appointments as scheduled, estimates and installations run 98 per cent on time and the company sticks to its commitments. The workers are also directly under SP Waterproofing management.


Unmatched experience: Over the years the SP Waterproofing team has gained various learnings. Now the site advisers are well trained, experienced and have continuously worked with the company throughout its journey. The company claims that very few companies in Mumbai are capable of solving problems related to WC bathroom, kitchen sink, side wall, parapet wall and chajja leakage without breaking.


Standing behind its work: A written guarantee is only as good as the company that stands behind it. SP Waterproofing’s written, transferable guarantee is backed by a professional team and specialised staff dedicated to understanding the user’s problem and resolving it.


The company specialises in Waterproofing of:

  • Buildings, factories, industrial areas, basement and parking area, swimming pools, jacuzzi, bathtubs, kitchen sinks and concealed pipes.
  • The company specialises in solving any kind of leakage without breakage and claims that can solve any WC bathroom or toilet leakage in 2 hours.
  • Waterproofing with painting for new buildings and concrete structures
  • Grouting of T-outlets, elbows and T-joints of drainage pipes


The company has a wide product range in the waterproofing segment which includes the following:

  • Latex / Bonding Additives / Pribond-SP
  • Waterproofing Coating / Membrane Prioroof-SPR
  • Fiber net to fill the air cracks.
  • Fiber crack mixer.


For more information Contact:

PN Gala

Mobile: +91-9322017107 / 9022807107

Email : piyushg@spwaterproofing.com

Website. www.spwaterproofing.com


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